Selena Gomez has led much of her life in the public eye, with those she loves in the spotlight by proximity. Her mother, Amanda (Mandy) Teefey, for instance, has been the subject of plenty of media stories, offering up updates on her famous daughter’s illness and subsequent surgeries and dishing on Gomez’ famous beaus. This weekend, however, the famous mom took some major heat for posting a brow-raising Instagram caption that called out her disdain for the incessant radio play of *certain* male musicians.

Lamenting the current state of public radio, Teefey wrote, “…can someone PLEASE discover the next pop boy band or a little boy who sings about crap he has no clue about. I can’t with the current ones on repetitive rotation. Niall, you are safe, Harry, you are safe… you others are eliminated. ”

In case there was any question of just *who* those others were, the 13 Reasons Why executive producer called out two male artists in particular: Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth.

As you might recall, the former name was particularly surprising, as Gomez herself recorded a single with Mendes with 2016’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore.”

“I will drive my car into a wall if I hear Charlie Puth or Shawn Mendes one more time,” she sniped. “We don’t need to hear them every other song. Yes, I’m really mad about this. Lol.”

Reaction was swift, with fans calling her out both on her Instagram post and over on Twitter.

Eventually, the 41-year-old locked her IG account, but not before reportedly clapping back at commenters who mentioned Selena in their responses.

According to Seventeen, Sel’s matriarch wrote, “My image is my image. Not hers. It is disgusting people are dragging Selena into this and disgusting what is being said because I want other artists rotated.”

The outlet also reports that she responded that also attempted to clarify her remarks, saying she actually *does* love Mendes, but is just sick to death of hearing “Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” every “six minutes,” on the radio. “Not their fault,” she reportedly wrote of the young men. “I want all the other artist who work just as hard to get a chance. Everyone, I’m fine, friends, family, and people who literally told me to die. It’s down. It was taken WAY out of context. I just got out of the car and literally every station I turned to was them. Ever need a breather yourself?”

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