Between wearing selfie-perfect makeup to this crazy selfie-spoon contraption, it seems that more of society’s energies go into preening for the selfie than ever before. But what percentage of our photos are actually selfies and which style of selfie is trending these days? Selfiecity’s Selfiexploratory dashboard can tell you all of this and much more based on thousands of selfies posted across the web. The results just might surprise you!


Devised by a team of data analysis and visualization experts, the interactive Selfiexploratory dashboard reflects the demographics, poses, moods (calm, angry and happy) and other features (like wearing glasses or keeping the mouth open) revealed by a study of 3,840 photos from six global cities, or 640 per city. To compile this data, the team used artificial intelligence analysis as well as Amazon’s Mechanical Turks, a human intelligence task force, to investigate patterns in photos and identify selfie trends.

One unexpected finding is that selfies represent a very tiny percentage of photos taken. In fact, depending on the city in question, only three to five percent of the photos evaluated were actually selfies. Not surprisingly, the over-40 crowd didn’t have the same clamoring to take selfies; the median age of photos taken across the surveyed cities was 23.7 years.

Another finding that’s no surprise: women took more selfies than men on the whole. Interestingly though, men’s average age was higher than that of the women in EVERY city. Among the over-30 crowd, more men posted their selfies to Instagram than women. But ladies, take heart: You still take the cake when it comes to more expressive poses, like head tilts. And Bangkok or São Paulo selfie-takers cracked the most smiles!

To learn more about Selfiecity’s analysis, explore the website or check out Selfiexploratory for yourself. Who knows? You may even find a selfie of yours truly on the dashboard!

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(h/t The Next Web, photo via Selfiecity + Getty)