Ever since the selfie stick made its way into our lives, there have been more than a handful of spinoffs of the arm-extending selfie accessory. We’ve awkwardly stared at the hyperLip, laughed at the Selfie Shoe and the Belfie Stick, been creeped out by the Selfie Arm and even learned Kim Kardashian’s secret for all those perfectly lit front-facing camera snaps. But now there’s a new selfie accessory that tops them all: the Selfie Spoon.

selfie spoon

Released by Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the Selfie Spoon solves everyone’s (right?) breakfast problems — being able to snap yourself indulging in a bowl of cereal before you fully greet the day.

selfie spoon

The new device is identical to the original selfie stick (with the essential Bluetooth remote) but has a spoon attached at the end, making it super easy for you to scoop some food and snap away. You know you’ve felt like your morning routine has been missing out on something all these years.

It’s only available in purple, and you can get your own 30-inch extendable Selfie Spoon for FREE. All you’ve gotta do is pay for the shipping and handling and you’ll be able to snap yourself and your bowl of cereal to kick off your days in the most tastefully narcissistic way :)

Will you be ordering a Selfie Spoon? Let us know in the comments and please share your photos with us when your Selfie Spoon arrives.

(Photos via Cinnamon Toast Crunch)