When it comes to finding the one dress, there鈥檚 a sea of online options. And while the average cost of a wedding can be pricey, your wedding dress won鈥檛 break the bank if you choose the online consignment route. (BONUS: The tradition of having vintage pieces at your wedding rules.) If you鈥檙e down to wear secondhand on your big day or you鈥檙e hoping to earn some serious cash back, you can easily find or sell your wedding dress online. To help our brides-to-be and newlyweds, we鈥檝e rounded up the sites for all of your online bridal consignment needs.

1. Once Wed: Before it was a Pinterest-worthy wedding blog that inspired elegant and natural wedding style, Once Wed was an online marketplace for secondhand wedding dresses. If you鈥檙e interested in selling your wedding dress at a set price, Once Wed is quick and easy to use: after creating an account, you can list your wedding dress in less than ten minutes for free. Transactions are done outside of Once Wed, which means you鈥檒l need to use a safe third-party service like Escrow to handle all your payments. As a buyer, you鈥檒l be able to discuss the price with the seller, saving you hundreds of dollars 鈥 if not thousands.

2. Tradesy: (AKA eBay鈥檚 hot younger sister.) For buyers, Tradesy offers tons of designer wedding dresses with a full-refund policy if a dress is misrepresented. As a seller, Tradesy鈥檚 sleek interface is incredibly easy to use, and they offer sellers free listings with a 9% commission rate. Transactions are done on Tradesy, which means you don鈥檛 have to go through any pesky third-party payment process. If you鈥檙e hoping to list your wedding dress to a large audience and you want a hassle-free selling experience, then Tradesy is your jam.

3. Nearly Newlywed: Nearly Newlywed is the most popular option for bridal consignment because of its strict policies. In addition to forfeiting a 25% commission rate, an online seller must go through an application process, pay a $25 listing fee and send the wedding dress to be inspected in-house by the Nearly Newlywed team. The authenticity check makes this website the safest and most reliable online bridal marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

4. Still White: With a one-time listing fee of $19.95, sellers get the biggest bang for their buck, especially if they鈥檙e selling an expensive designer wedding dress. What differentiates Still White from other marketplaces (besides exposure to 鈥渢he largest preowned wedding dress buying audience鈥) is that sellers get to see statistics on their listing and there鈥檚 zero commission rate. Still White also offers Paypal Buyer Protection, giving buyers insurance for up to $20,000 if a dress is misrepresented or doesn鈥檛 turn up.

5. Preowned Wedding Dresses: This online bridal marketplace is one of the oldest in the game, having been around since 2004. Preowned Wedding Dresses offers a one-time listing fee of $25 and zero commission rate, making it another popular place for selling pre-owned wedding dresses. Bonus: They sell secondhand bridesmaid and mother-of-the-bride dresses too.

6. Poshmark: Poshmark is new to the online marketplace scene, but that doesn鈥檛 mean you shouldn鈥檛 give fashion鈥檚 Craigslist a try. Similar to Tradesy, Poshmark boasts an easy listing process. Simply download the app, take a photo of your dress on your phone and name your price. They have a 20% commission rate and give you a pre-paid shipping label, but note that Poshmark is not soley for brides to be, so you may wait a long while to make a sale.

7. eBay: If any of the above aren鈥檛 for you, eBay is another place to buy and sell a secondhand wedding dress online. Sellers can set a fixed price with the Buy It Now feature or do an auction-style sale, usually at little to no listing fee. The only downside with eBay is they have a minimum commission rate of 10%. Also, because of eBay鈥檚 huge audienc, buyers will have to sift through a lot of listings before finding their dress, but if they鈥檝e got a specific designer and style in mind, eBay could be a real steal.

Which online marketplace would you use to buy or sell your pre-owned wedding dress? Tell us in the comments below!