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Everything You Need To Know About Our New Brit + Co. Shop


1. Why can’t I buy the products directly from you?

Our office is too small to hold them all. Kidding… sort of. The real reason is that we don’t want the things we curate and write about to be inauthentic to what our team truly loves. We have written about nearly 5,000 products in our almost-two-years of life, many of which were found in deep dark holes around the Internet. We love being able to find the coolest and most creative new stuff around without being forced to hold inventory on every single thing. That being said, we will continue to add direct links to buy via Brit + Co. on all things we feel are true to our DIY-obsessed selves -- like we’re currently doing with Brit Kits and all of our DIY Halloween party supplies.

2. Some of these products are sold out or the prices are different. Help!

Oh no! That sucks. We added a link on every product page where you can report this type of stuff to us. We consider this a “beta” product, so know that we’ll fix as much as we can, as quickly as we can, and appreciate you helping us in finding all the bugs.

3. Does this mean you’re no longer focusing on DIY and making cool content?

Heck no, my friends! DIY is our namesake. Our editorial content will continue to stay the same it always has. This is just a special add-on that we had many requests to create. We pulled all nighters to get it up in time for the holiday season and hope to make it even more awesome by the new year.

4. How do I get my product(s) into the Brit + Co. Shop?

We will only add items to the shop that make it through our fierce editorial team of curators. So, the real answer is, make a kick ass product and send it to us to check out.