We all know that summer vacation isn’t what it used to be. We, too, long for the endless days when our only concern was remembering to reapply sunscreen. But no more endless summers make us enjoy these blissful and brief summer weekends even more. Whether you’re camping, beaching or just hanging outside, the B+C Shop has all the fun swag to make your summer weekends that much more memorable. Keep reading to see 30 of our favorites!

Vamos à la Playa!


1. Watermelon Cooler Bag ($32): This may be the most darling cooler bag we’ve ever seen. Can you imagine a cuter way to keep your beverages ice cold?


2. Summah Rope Tote ($35): Load up all of your beach goodies in this summah-time-fine cotton tote bag.


3. James Franco Swimsuit ($120): We’ve been fans of Clashist for a while thanks to their quirky pop-culture clothing (Bill Murray leggings. ‘Nuff said.), so we’re pretty stoked to be carrying the brand ourselves. Because, really, who *doesn’t* want to be covered in James Franco at the beach?


4. Liquid Body Tan ($42): Looking for the good stuff this season? Try celebrity-approved James Read Liquid Body Tan for the perfect golden glow.


5. P3 Round Mirror Sunglasses ($10): You’ll be lookin’ beachy keen in these sunnies from ZeroUV :)


6. Tamarama Beach Paddle ($26): Be sure to pack these cuties for your next beach adventure. Paddle on!


7. Kitsch bkr Bottle ($30): Because sometimes, rad water bottles are that extra nudge we need to stay hydrated, you know?


8. Pineapple Tote ($25): But seriously, give us *all* the pineapple patterns you have.


9. Holiday Palms Tumbler ($14): The ladies at Ban.do sure have this adorable accessory thing down to an art. Be sure to pack this tumbler for your next vacation so you can stay hydrated in style.


10. Meridian Striped Beach Towel ($78): When it comes to beach towels, oversized and luxurious is the way to go. Trust us on this one.

Let’s Go Camping


1. Mason Jar Speaker ($65): The folks over at Trash Amps may have just proven that you can use a mason jar for *literally* anything.


2. Picnic Kit ($28): Rather than hauling all of your condiments to the campground, pick up Other Brother’s nifty picnic kit instead. It includes extra virgin olive oil, spicy California gunpowder oil, pepper, sea salt and gunpowder spice, all packaged in a homemade bandana pouch.


3. Panier Cooler Tote Bag ($25): Meet the picnic basket that will actually keep your food cold.


4. Travel Flask + Shot Glasses ($39): Psst — just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you should be drinking out of Solo cups. Pick up this classy travel flask and shot glass set instead.


5. All Natural Insect Repellent Spray ($18): Keep those pesky bugs away with this plant-based insect repellent. This stuff works on hair, skin *and* clothes, so you’ll be sure to stay bite-free all weekend long.


6. Adventure Food Flask ($27): Need another reason to skip the plastic dishware? How about this dapper metal thermos-bowl combo?


7. Vacances Picnic Mat ($29): Three cheers for picnic blankets that don’t take up all the room in your bag!


8. Bottle Opener Sunglasses ($10): Yep, these shades double as a bottle opener. Why didn’t we think of that?


9. Bromance Knit Beverage Insulator ($10): Speaking of beer, did you pack your cozies? Look to Freaker for some wacky and awesome beverage sweaters.


10. Artisan S’mores Kit ($19): It’s time to scrap the jet-puffs and venture into artisan s’mores territory. Who wants to go glamping?

Ain’t No Party Like a Pool Party

donut copy

1. Donut Pool Float ($19): Yes, you DO need this at your next pool party. We don’t even need to sell you on this one.


2. Dolphin Balloon Kit ($12): Our girl Amina Mucciolo sure knows how to throw a party. Pick up her epic dolphin balloon for your next summer fiesta and get a mystery mini tassel as a bonus!


3. Iluka Tablet Sounds ($59): Say what?! Sunnylife just invented the coolest tablet case ever.


4. La Sardina Camera ($179): This 35mm camera has a wide-angle lens, color filters and even a rewind dial, making it the crucial accessory for *every* summer outing.


5. Tortilla + Bread Basket ($25): You guys, it’s the tortilla basket we never thought we needed — but now can’t live without. Pair it with Casa Amarosa’s tortilla warmer and you may just have an excuse to throw an outdoor dinner party :)


6. Be Wild Have Fun Balloons – Set of 3 ($5): Because in our books, it’s not really a party until you fill the place with balloons :)


7. Boardwalk Tattoos – Set of 8 ($15): Whether they’re party favors or mandatory accessories for all of your guests, it’s always a good idea to include some temporary tattoos, okay?


8. Grilling Turner ($25): This here is for the dudes glued to the grill. Nick Offerman would approve.


9. Hand-Painted Metal Shaker ($18): Man, we wish we had these for Cinco de Mayo. It’s time to shake up those cocktails in style!


10. Caribbean Blues Tassel Garland ($39): Here’s a not-so-surprising confession: we’re obsessed with tassel garlands. And take it from us: You *need* these Studio Mucci garlands in your life.

What are your fave summer accessories? Share with us in the comments below!