At Brit + Co, we tend to believe that a colorful, well-organized workspace tends to be a creative and productive one. And, even though most of us did not head back to school this September, we’re all about taking this time of year to reset and organize our desks. Here’s a handful of favorites to do just that from the B+C Shop.

1. Random Crap Notebook ($12): We’re all about taking notes both online and offline, and this large jotter is just the place to gather a smattering of thoughts, doodles and lists.

2. Classic iSkelter Station ($38): Keep go-to items like your phone, glasses and pen in one beautifully handcrafted wooden caddy. An organized desk makes for a happy workday.

3. But First, Coffee ($14): Start your day off right with this cheeky and totally relatable coffee mug.

4. Pantone Metal Storage Box ($22): Whether you’re storing documents, scraps of fabric or backup chargers, these boxes will make sure you stay organized without sacrificing design.

5. Tropical Stamp Set ($13): Add a little whimsy to your notes and documents by stamping ‘em up with pineapples and flamingos!

6. Patterned Pocket Calendar ($12): And finally, we’re all about going old school with a paper calendar on our desks to keep track of the day to day, week to week and month to month.

Looking for more? Be sure to check out the whole Desk Organizing 101 Collection!


Still looking for that perfect notebook, pen caddy or calendar? Talk to us in the comments below and we’ll do our darnedest to find something perfect for you!