5 Ways to Show Your Gal Pals You Love Them This Month
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5 Ways to Show Your Gal Pals You Love Them This Month

Valentine’s Day is all about love. Love is also the theme of our latest Tone It Up Challenge, where we encourage you to #lookforlove every single day. Love is everywhere if you open your heart to it. And we don’t just mean with your significant other. Your best friend deserves some attention too. A little sign of appreciation goes a long way. Try our five tips to make your bestie feel like the wonderful lady she is — on Valentine’s Day and every day!
1. Bake her a chocolate-y treat. What better way to tell someone you love ’em than with chocolate?! Give your gal pal a sweet treat that will ALSO help her reach her fitness goals. We’re talkin’ chocolate donuts. YUP. They use plant-based, non-GMO Perfect Fit Protein, which helps build lean muscle and tastes amazing. Make a few for her, but save one for yourself too. You’re going to want some! Grab the recipe HERE!
2. Give ’em a shout-out. Tell your girl that you appreciate her with a li’l Insta #womencrushwednesday love. Take some time to write from your heart about all the reasons she means so much to you. Let the world know just how badass your bestie is! ;)
3. Make a DIY bouquet. Deck out her house or work desk with a homemade flower arrangement! Store-bought bouquets are great, but the added effort of putting it together yourself will make it extra special. You can find flowers outside or buy some from a local farmers’ market or grocery store to work with. Spruce up the vase by tying a sparkly ribbon around the top. Add a thoughtful note to finish it off!
4. Treat her to a workout class. Those who sweat together, stay together!! Karena and I love going on workout dates. It makes the burn so much more enjoyable! Set up a workout date with your gal pal and pay for her sesh. Bonus points if you pick her all-time favorite class or teacher. Not a fan of classes? Invite her over for a Tone It Up workout (try our brand new BODY LOVE routines), and blend her up a post-workout Perfect Fit Smoothie!
5. Throw a girls’ night in. Remember how fun middle school sleepover parties were?! Invite your friend over for an adult version! Pick out a fave rom-com, whip up some healthy popcorn (like THIS recipe), pour some vino and throw on a face mask. HERE are a few ideas for DIY masks, great for every skin type. An evening spent in with your bestie is the best way to spend a Saturday night.
What’s your favorite way to spend time with your BFF? Share it with us using #lookforlove @BritandCo and @ToneItUp!
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