We’ve all been there. Shoot, if you’re reading this on a Sunday, it’s probably because you’re feeling a little spooked right this moment, and you turned to the trusty Google machine (and Brit + Co, woo) to get rid of your discomfort. Girl, why wasn’t I invited?!

I kid, I kid. But seriously, the Sunday scaries ARE serious and real. Typically caused by exhaustion, the over-consumption of substances, and a menacing email inbox, the anxiety that builds in the body and mind on a Sunday can be overwhelming to the degree that you order Black Seed Bagels twice in one day on Seamless and you choose to spend the entire day binging on Baby Ballroom on the ‘flix. If you’d rather tackle the day head-on, here’s what needs to happen.

woman in kitchen having breakfast

1. Start your day with fruit rather than grease, dairy, and coffee. When you drink, your body becomes dehydrated, with low blood sugar and lots of toxins in the body. The quickest and healthiest way to reverse the low blood sugar effect is to eat a healthy serving of fresh, organic fruit. My pick is a banana, rich in potassium (which also gets depleted when you drink) and fiber. Fiber also binds to toxins that are still floating around in your body, helping to get rid of them more quickly. Try taking a turmeric supplement for added anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe your body.

If you wake up feeling the scaries, avoid coffee, no matter how much you may want a cup. It will only make the anxiety worse, so go with a soothing cup of chamomile tea, or hot water with honey, lemon, and ginger.

2. Go for a steam! Do yourself a favor and peel yourself out of bed for a steam session at your gym. I’m a huge advocate for sweating out the bad stuff, and a 30-minute steam session, complete with breaks in a cold shower, can truly change your outlook. This simple and relaxing detoxifying method has been around forever, and for good reason. Just be sure you continually hydrate with electrolytes throughout your steam and after, and always remember to cleanse post-steam to feel extra refreshed.

3. Make your bed. Trust me when I say that making your bed changes the outlook not only on your day but also on your life! I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the trajectory of your life will be altered for the better by doing this, but I think any human on Earth can testify that completing this simple task does provide a little bit of motivating satisfaction. On a Scary Sunday, just getting out of bed is a great first step. Leaving the house for your steam knowing your bed is made and will be so cozy to slip into in the evening is certain to provide you with some comfort.

4. Set three goals for yourself. Accomplishing three things on a Sunday will give you confidence that you won’t be a globbity glob forever and ever. Pick any three things, seriously. Making your bed can be your first goal. I like to make my second goal something work-related so that you don’t wake up in a total panic on Monday morning. For example, I’ll dedicate 20 minutes to answering emails on a Sunday just to clean up whatever is outstanding from the week before so my mind is fresh that next day. The last goal I set for myself is an early bedtime, like, get in bed by 8pm. That last one is easy enough after a long weekend, LOL.

5. Know that you’ll be okay! One of the biggest issues that comes along with the Sunday Scaries is the guilt and regret you feel for doing X the night before. The best thing you can do is be kind to yourself and move on. Once you absolve yourself of your guilt, it becomes a lot easier to relax, chill, and move forward.

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