Guys, real talk. The single life can be ROUGH. I mean, it can be fun, but between dating apps, trying to meet people IRL and going on one too many bad first dates (oh, just me?), it’s also pretty confusing/exhausting. If you’re looking for a little bit of guidance, has recently conducted its annual “Singles in America” survey, which takes a deep dive into what exactly it means to be single today.

Happy-young-couple-000053021998_Medium surveyed over 5,500 single folks throughout 2015 to ask them about the best way to score a second date, as well as their thoughts on politics, sex, their exes and any major trends they’re seeing for the year ahead. Ready for the highlight reel? Ask and you shall receive, my single friends.

Let’s start with the secret to scoring a second date. Thirty-three percent of people met their last first date online. If you skip dinner and just do drinks it decreases your chance of a second meetup by 107 percent. Uh, woah. However, if you two go out for sushi it increases your chances by 170 percent. We’re not exactly sure how figured out the science behind that one, but okay.

Sushi or not, according to the study there is one major (and VERY easy) thing you can do to crank up your chances of a date two: Use the words “LOL” and “haha.” Wow, it’s that easy? We never knew. Guess LOL isn’t dead after all.

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