Once all that time and effort pays off and your big day was everything you hoped for, it’s time for some well-deserved R+R. For most couples, a honeymoon is a traditional part of wedding planning — with the most dreamy kind including an island getaway somewhere like the Maldives. But, for one real-life couple and their six-month excursion around the world, Andrew and Candace’s honeymoon was anything but traditional.

After a whirlwind romance and storybook wedding, Candace and Andrew quit their jobs, sold their houses and set off for a six-month honeymoon around the world. As amazing as it sounds, it wasn’t all just for play. They hoped their trip around the world would be a chance to build the foundation for the rest of their lives together. They each hoped “to focus on one another, become a team together and get really comfortable with their new life partner before re-introducing the noise of daily life.”

Since their wedding on May 14, the two adventurers sailed the Mediterranean, trekked the 32-day journey through the Camino de Santiago in Spain and then celebrated Pride weekend in Lisbon, Portugal. From there, they worked on a farm in Bordeaux, France and stopped for two days in Abu Dhabi. They’re now at a yoga and meditation school in Nepal, after trekking the Annapurna Circuit (of course).

bordeaux france

Now that they’ve just ended their third month, they’re headed to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. They’ll hit Bali, the Philippines, Australia and Hawaii before making their final trip home in early November.

Andrew’s latest update to us even included some good news for their lives, post-honeymoon: He landed a job with a company he’d interviewed with a year prior. When they had quit their (rather lucrative) jobs and set off on their honeymoon, they committed to one another that they’d stay open about where they’d land (and live) after. And while they were trekking the Camino de Santiago, Andrew received a call offering him the job the day they return to LA.

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When asked about why they decided to leave everything behind for this trip, Candace replied, “We’ve torn up our bodies and then pulled them back together again. We’ve gotten on each other’s last nerve, and become the other person’s best friend. This has been the biggest adventure of both of our lives. And we couldn’t imagine starting this life any other way.

Talk about relationship #goals! You can stay up to date and get ideas for planning your own honeymoon getaway with Candace + Andrew’s blog, Candrew’s World.

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(Photos via Candrew’s World)