We have a long list of grievances with skinny jeans (even though we just can’t quit the figure-squeezing style). Right at the top — along with seriously decreased range of motion — is what we call “phone butt,” or the awkward shape your phone makes when you slip it into your back pocket. The easy access to your Snapchat stories is heavily outweighed by the fact that it pokes out in all the wrong places, creates the illusion of #flatbutt and — worst of all — can make your booty a glaring target for thieves. But not anymore. LA denim brand Joe’s Jeans hasn’t just fixed that issue with a new sleek side pocket made specially for your iPhone, but have also reinvented the reason *why* you want to stash your phone on your backside. These jeans can charge your phone.


Called (or tagged?) #Hello jeans, the set of four smart skinnies are designed with a secret pocket along the back waistband that houses a slim but stiff battery pack that can juice an iPhone 5 up to 100% and an iPhone 6 up to 85%. Once that’s slipped into place, connect it to your phone with its short power cord and rest easy as you pound the pavement on your morning commute knowing your tech is charged and secure.


Admittedly, the first round of this design does feel pretty clunky, but nonetheless, it’s a step in a very, very exciting direction. Tech + denim seem to have a very bright future together — first with Google and Levi’s turning denim into a touchpad and now with a second major denim brand churning out a new take on a “wearable” that any girl on the go would add to her jeans collection. Who knows? It might be what it takes to bring skinny jeans back from the dead once and for all. You can score a pair on joesjeans.com in one of four washes for $189 + pick up the battery pack separately for $49. But, we’re thinking that until we can go totally cord- + battery pack-free at our waistlines, we’ll stick with toting around a chic smart purse.

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(h/t Nylon)