When we think of denim, we think of Levis. When we think of a leading force in technology, we think of Google. So it makes sense that for a project where these two industries collide, the brands decided to work together. Introducing: Project Jacquard.

At Google’s IO Conference last week, the Advanced Technology and Projects division unveiled this entirely new way to wear denim. Project Jacquard is basically code for fabrics woven with Google’s new touch-enabled conductive yarns that can turn a specific area into a touchpad.

Here’s how it works: The structure of touch screens is essentially the same as textiles. So the duo simply replaced some of the fabric threads with conductive threads. The conductive threads can be incorportated in the weave to create cool designs or it can be totally invisible. The smart weave then allows the fabric to respond to simple gestures.


All of this is super impressive, but how can we use it IRL? That question has yet to be fully explained. There is talk of it being able to alert you when you’ve gained weight (uh, we’ll go ahead and skip that one) and also a more logical application: controlling electronics (think: swiping right for that cute dude on Tinder by brushing your pant leg). Do we need that? Maybe not. But the fabric still in its early stages, so genius ideas for practical possibilities are sure to come shortly.

Currently, Levi + Google are still working to perfect the new technology, but they’ve announced that jeans crafted from the special Jacquard could be on sale by next autumn/winter. Welcome to the future, people.

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