Next to statement necklaces, earrings are one of our favorite things to collect (read: hoard). From colorful drop earrings to handmade wooden earrings, we’ve always got something chic dangling from our ears. If you’re looking for something new to complete your holiday party look, we’ve gathered 24 pairs of statement earrings to add the perfect amount of pizzazz to your ensemble. Scroll on!

1. VOZ Collective Crescent Earrings ($22): The sisters from VOZ Collective have done it again. We picked up our pair at Re:Make but we think it’s time to spring for another color… or two… no, three. There are nine, after all.

2. Porcelain and Stone White Gold Bars ($150): If you’re more of a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, these simple, chic and stunning gold-dipped porcelain bars are meant for you.

3. Antler Drop Earrings ($51): Been looking for a pair of holiday-themed earrings without going hokey? The hunt is over with these beauties from Santa Monica-based boho jewelry designer, Heather Benjamin.

4. Boo + Boo Factory Leather Tassel Earrings ($38): These kite earrings come in six different color combinations, so take your pick. And if you’ve got a gal pal who’s erb-sessed with ear accessories, grab a pair for her, too.

5. Zoemou Mejal Earrings ($98): Show off these statement earrings while you keep your hair in a windproof topknot.

6. Black Onyx Libra Earrings ($120): These zodiac-inspired earrings are the perfect combination of black onyx and brass. You can still sport these gorgeous drop earrings even if you weren’t born between September 23 – October 23. If it’s your sign, all the better.

7. Salty Fox Rising Sign Earrings ($96): Brighten up any gloomy winter day with these show-stopping sunbursts. They also come in our favorite metal of the season, rose gold. Score.

8. MADE Bimini Earrings ($24): These brass hammered earrings come from the skilled Kenyan artisans at MADE, an ethical jewelry company that makes sustainable, handmade accessories.

9. Henderson Dry Goods Garden Pier Earrings ($85): We see stacked Christmas trees when we look at these layered trapezoids, don’t you? The gold leaf on these walnut earrings adds just enough glitz to jazz up a sweater dress.

10. Bluma Project Beaded Diamante Drops ($59): Our love for triangles never ends. Sport these neutral-on-neutral kite drop earrings on a holiday shopping spree or for a fancy night out.

11. Acid Trekkie Drops ($32): Umm, we love these neon space-age statement earrings to infinity and beyond.

12. Elizabeth and James Astral Jacket Earrings($149): Mary Kate and Ashley know what’s up. While these sparkly delights are a bit of a splurge, they’re out of this world.

13. Diamond Spine Drops ($34): These jaw-dropping dazzlers come in diamond, sapphire, emerald and topaz. Would it be overkill to have them in every color? Rock these with an LBD and own the night.

14. Look Out Eye Drop Earring ($18): We totally believe evil eyes ward off bad juju, but with these on, all eyes will be on you.

15. Serafina Pardalote Drops ($38): We seriously can’t get enough of gold foil.

16. Moon and Arrow White Leather Fringe Earrings ($98): Nothing like some fringe to make it a party. You won’t need anything else to zhush up an outfit when you’ve got these on… okay, maybe a few midi rings, but then you’re golden.

17. Almost Done Pyramid Earrings ($18): We want these kaleidoscopic pyramid pendants in every color. Can you blame us?

18. Hexagon Hoops ($44): Are we alone in loving geometric accessories? Didn’t think so. Wear these six-siders for a fresh take on the traditional hoop earring.

19. Jill Schwartz Saturata Drops ($51): These pendant earrings are a turquoise lover’s dream.

20. Moon and Arrow White Horse Earrings ($89): We can’t stop staring at these vintage pony hair duster earrings, which means we need them on our lobes, STAT.

21. Periwinkle Fan Drops ($32): These sparkly pendant earrings are perfect for work and play. In a wintry shade of periwinkle, we’d style it with a navy blue sheath or a crisp white button down with a pencil skirt.

22. Acid Tassel Drops ($32): Beaded and glitzy at the same time? We can’t even. Don’t worry, these tassels won’t compete with your tousled waves.

23. Tortoise Americana Drops ($38): It’s always a good time to be patriotic. Keep it classic with these tortoise shell earrings.

24. Kona Wooded Drops ($32): We’re drooling at this contrast of magenta and wood with gold accents. These will amp up a cozy sweater quite nicely.

Which pair of statement earrings are your favorite? Sound off in the comments! We’re all ears ;)