Ladies (and gents!), it’s time to break up with your shampoo. That’s right. The no-poo method is heating up. We know you’re probably saying WTF, but before you stop reading, just trust us. With the right tips and tricks, you’ll be going shampoo-less in no time. How do you do this, exactly? It’s basically replacing your shampoo and conditioner with a baking soda and vinegar mixture to achieve a new level of healthy and all around amazing hair. We already supplied you with 15 of the best products for going no-poo, now scroll through to see our top 10 tips for going shampoo-free.

1. Curls Work Best: Good news, curly haired girls. This method works best on those wavy locks of yours. Why? Your curls mask the oil *much* better than straight hair. (via Brit + Co)

2. DIY Cleanser: Instead of using shampoo as a cleanser, DIY this baking soda and apple cider vinegar combo to keep your locks less oily. The baking soda helps remove odor while the apple cider vinegar helps to clarify and soften your hair. (via Elle)

3. Lemon Rinse: Another alternative to shampoo that no-poo peeps like to use is a lemon rinse. The acidity in the lemon helps to break up natural oils. Plus, it will gradually lighten your hair over time — score! (via Almost Exactly) (image via Organic Facts)

4. Use Natural Deodorizers: Since you won’t be washing your hair every day, essential oils can act as a refresher or deodorizer between washes. Our recommendation? Lavender is always a good option. (via Apartment Therapy) (image via Mind Body Green)

5. Exfoliating Is Key: When you’re going through the transition, your scalp is likely to feel super itchy. Try DIYing a brown sugar scrub. Your hair will thank you. (via All Women Talk) (image via Barefoot in the Kitchen)

6. Use a Natural Detangler: Our guess is if you got rid of your shampoo, you probably aren’t using many products on your hair, either. The result? Ultra tangly hair. Use coconut oil ($7) as a natural detangler. Plus, it will add silky shine to your tresses. (via LIAL)

7. Switch to Boar Bristle: Keep your hair healthy by using a boar bristle brush. No, brushes aren’t the greatest for your hair, but boar bristle brushes ($22) are the gentlest and won’t cause breakage. They also help distribute the natural oils from root to tip, which is key when transitioning to no shampoo. (via LIAL)

8. DIY Dry Shampoo: It’s going to take time for your hair to get used to no-poo, so hide it with a little dry shampoo. Ready for the best trick ever? Use baby powder. (via Brit + Co)

9. DIY Sock Bun: When in doubt, bun it out. The first few weeks are going to be rough. Your hair will probably be pretty oily and unmanageable. With a touch of dry shampoo and a (new) sock, you can achieve this look in less than five minutes. (via Carly Cristman)

10. Switch to Just Water: The last and final step in ditching shampoo for good is to rinse with just water. Yep, after your hair has adjusted to your new no-poo lifestyle, your next step is to ditch *all* of the rinses and DIY combos you’ve been using on the reg, and using them only once a week. (via the hairpin) (image via Mother Jones)

Are you willing to try out the no-poo method? Talk to us in the comments below.