For many of us, 2017 was a doozy, but we here at Brit + Co are ready to hit refresh in 2018! Follow our Hit Refresh series through January for new ideas, hacks, and skills that will help you achieve (and maintain!) those New Year’s resolutions.

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t *actually* need a ton of space to get a good workout. As long as you have the will, we have the way! Whether it’s a corner or a basement, make the most of what you’ve got and keep your resolutions going. Just check out these small-space hacks guaranteed to step up your mini gym. Now you can sweat it out at home with these creative ideas for storing and organizing fitness equipment and styling your small-space home gym.


1. Hanging Organizer: Keep resistance bands tangle-free and organized with a hanging organizer. Opt for individual wall hooks or go with something similar to this hanger set from Target. (via A Bowl Full of Lemons)


2. Workout Schedule and Exercise Logs: Turn an empty wall into your exercise HQ with a white board and magazine wall rack. Having a system to keep track of your workout routines will make a *huge* difference when you’re working toward your fitness goals. (via A Bowl of Lemons)


3. Yoga Space: If you’re really tight on space, yoga is a good workout option, since you only need enough room to roll out your mat. You might also want to include a spot for your laptop or iPad, so you can follow along with your favorite YouTube yogi. (via Gym Flow 100)


4. Open Shelving: Keep all your gear organized with storage bins or a cabinet with multiple nooks. In addition to organizing your stuff in storage bins, open shelving is a good way to store workout towels and other equipment, while also keeping your goals in sight and top of mind. (via P & G Everyday)


5. Vertical Storage: Take advantage of that vertical space with wall-mounted shelves. While you probably won’t be storing kettle bells or weights on them, they do provide the perfect place for water bottles, towels, or a good sound system. (via Home My Design)


6. DIY Sports Storage: This simple yet functional rack is the answer to your sports equipment storage dilemma. You won’t need to fuss with stray balls rolling around your gym or accidental spillage with this DIY. (via Uncle Bob’s)


7. DIY IKEA Hack Yoga Rack: This IKEA shelf hack doubles your storage space. Just install it bracket-side down and you’re left with the *perfect* yoga rack. (via IHeart Organizing)


8. DIY Fitness Room Mirrors: Complete your small space’s gym aesthetic with a few full-length mirrors. They’ll make any tiny space feel double the size while giving you the chance to perfect your form… and admire your new workout outfit. (via In My Own Style)


9. Bookcase Storage: Turn an ordinary bookcase into a stylish storage space for your gym essentials. Make it over by lining the back with wallpaper or touching it up with paint. (via IHeart Organizing) 


10. DIY Wall Box Shelves: Utilize an empty wall by installing your own DIY shelves for storing your gym essentials. This simple DIY will allow you to have everything within arm’s reach while keeping your space clutter-free. (via Ohoh Blog / Bob Vila)


11. DIY Yoga Mat Rack: Easily accessible equipment can make all the difference in whether or not you end up working out. Make sure your yoga goodies are ready to use (so you won’t have any excuses) with this DIY rack. (via Gray House Studio)


12. DIY Ottoman Storage: If your workout space happens to be the living room, stow your gear in this customized ottoman. Add wheels to easily bring out and put away your fitness equipment *without* having to constantly drag furniture out of the way. (via Apartment Therapy)


13. DIY Pegboard Wall: Store everything from headphones to magazines on this DIY pegboard wall. Use hooks, wooden pegs, and gold spray-painted pails to recreate this stylish storage option. (via Polished Habitat)

14. Clipboard Wall: Use clipboards to display everything from the workout of the day to motivational quotes. Plus, the practical design makes it easy to switch out exercises. (via Polished Habitat)


15. DIY Workout Barre: Up for a hardcore workout? Then an at-home barre is for you. Achieve the coveted long, lean, and toned look of ballerinas with a DIY barre of your own. (via Interiors by Kenz)


16. Modern Home Exercise Machine: Don’t have enough space for a full-on gym? Opt for this innovative cabinet-sized one that can transform into different kinds of exercise machines. (via Tumidei / DigsDigs)

17. Destination Workout: If you only have one wall to allot for fitness, you might as well deck it out with the very best in storage solutions. IKEA crafted this tiny home gym that could fit in a studio, spare room, or wherever. You can even put a curtain rod in front to hide the clutter when you have company. (via IKEA)


18. Exercise Ball Storage: When you’re working with limited space, every inch is crucial. Make your corners more efficient with a couple of shelves and a DIY exercise ball storage solution using a bungee cord and nails. (via TrifDecor)

19. Gym Closet Organization: If you have enough room (or a spare room), install a closet organization system to keep all your sneakers, gym supplies, and maybe a wine cooler for that post-workout sip. (via Janis Nicolay / HGTV)

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