Alright ladies, you’ve downloaded the proper apps, stocked up on football-themed kitchenware, and planned out your mini menu, but now you need to figure out what to wear to give your game day look that extra oomph. Truth be told, nothing is harder to resist than a gal in her favorite team jersey but it’s time to bring some flirty eyes and funky nail polish onto the scene this Sunday.

For our first football-meets-beauty experiment, we whipped up an eye look that’s sure to turn heads. And yes, you are free to wink more than usual. ;)

Step-by-Step Football Eyes:

1. Prime eyelids. (Guerlain Base Paupieres Eye Primer)

2. Use a peachy color (blush works) with a fluffy brush to sweep across the eyelid crease up onto the eyebrow bone. This makes it so the dark shadow blends into the rest of the eye later. Use a flat brush to highlight the top of your eyebrow bone, just below the brow. (Nylon by Mac)

3. Use a smudge brush to outline the eyes like a football and fill in. (Creaseless Eye Shadow Busy Signal by Benefit)

4. Set with a similar color eyeshadow and then add a brighter gold in the center of the eyelid to add a highlight and some dimension. (Mulch by Mac and Shag by Urban Decay)

5. Draw a cat eye and football laces with white liquid eyeliner or face paint and set with a white shadow so it won’t move when you blink. (Kryolan White Paint and Frost Shadow Pigment by Mac)

6. Line your eyes with black liner at the lash line on both top and bottom of the eye to break the white line of the football laces and the white of your eye.

7. Curl lashes, add mascara, and if you want an added pop of color add green shadow or liner on the bottom lash line.

Step-by-Step Giants vs. Patriots Nails

First off, here’s what you need:

– Manicure paint brushes

– Nail polish remover (CVS has the best around!)

– Toothpicks

– Cap full of polish remover to dilute polish for painting

– Nail polish: red (Sinful Colors Gogo Girl), green (Sinful Colors Happy Ending), blue (Sally Hansen Flash), gold (Sinful Colors All About You), and white (OPI Alpine Snow)

1. Paint 2 coats of each color and let dry.

2. Prep your painting polish. We recommend pouring a little bit onto a piece of paper, and using a touch of nail polish remover to dilute with your manicure paint brush.

3. Paint field goals on your pinky and thumb nail by drawing the center line of the field post first to ensure centered position on the nail, then paint 2 sides for each goal post, and connect the sides to the base.

4. For your middle fingers, the football nails, paint two straight lines across the top and bottom, then one vertically down the middle. Add little laces.

5. On the remaining 2 nails, choose your favorite player’s number and support your team. We went with Tom Brady’s #12 and Eli Manning’s #10.

6. Kick back with a Budweiser! ;)

How will you spice up your beauty routine on game day? We’d love to see photos! Send a note to or say hi on Twitter.