In addition to Halloween, summertime parties are one of our favorite festivities of the year. Warm weather, long summer nights, twinkle lights in the back yard — so dreamy. This summer we decided to give the snow cone some love and throw a snow cone-themed bash. This party theme is a perfect for all ages. Your little ones will get a kick out of the icy treats, while the adults can munch on some spiked snow cones of their own. Start sending out the invites ASAP, and don’t forget to invite us ;)


Snow Cone Cards


– card stock

– mini styrofoam balls

– white pen

– spray paint

– spray glue adhesive

– white paper

– glitter


– box cutter, X-ACTO or razor blade

– hot glue gun

– scissors



1. Using your blade, cut the styrofoam balls in half. Cover them in spray paint, add a layer of spray adhesive, and sprinkle glitter on top.

2. Cut a rounded triangle out of white card stock for the cone. Create glue tabs by folding the sides of the paper back.

3. Trim to the proper proportions and glue to the card.

4. Using a white gel pen, add fun lines to make the snow cone come to life.


Cut the styrofoam ball in half and coat with your favorite “flavor.” Add a layer of spray adhesive and glitter to make your snow cone glisten.


Cut a slightly rounded triangle out of white card stock. By folding the edges back, you can create glue tabs, which will make it easier to attach to the card.


Apply a layer of hot glue to the tabs and attach to the center of your card.


Make the snow cone pop by adding a pattern of lines around the snowy top.


Your guests are going to love these invites.

Snow Cone Party Garland



– medium-size styrofoam balls

– spray paint

– spray adhesive

– glitter

– white card stock

– rope


– scissors

– box cutter, X-Acto or razor blade



1. Use a blade to cut the styrofoam balls in half, spray paint them and add glue and glitter.

2. Cut out a half circle of card stock. Roll it into a cone shape and secure it with hot glue.

3. Trim the cone top and glue the styrofoam ball in place. Make a billion!

4. Attach to the rope using hot glue. Layer hot glue, rope and then a small piece of card stock to really hold the cones in place.


Add all of the goodies to turn your styrofoam into a delicious grape snow cone.


Cut a circle out of card stock. Create a cone shape, trim to perfection and secure your icy topping with glue.


Make a million! We used these for a garland and later for a photo booth backdrop.


Cut a long piece of rope and attach your cones. We added glue, then rope and then a small piece of card stock to hold the rope in place.


Frosty goodness!


Play your favorite jams and snap some pics in your new photo booth.

Giant Snow Cone Prop



– 10-inch styrofoam ball

– three pieces of card stock

– spray paint

– spray glitter glue


– hot glue

– scissors



1. Turn your styrofoam ball into a strawberry snow cone by spray painting it pink and topping it off with spray glitter.

2. Hot glue three pieces of card stock together to create a large board and roll it into a cone shape. Glue it together and trim the top.

3. Apply a lot of glue to attach the snowy top to the cone.


Strawberry snow cones — now I can dig that.


Attach three pieces of card stock together to create a larger piece, and roll it into a cone shape. Secure your cone with hot glue and then trim the top so that it’s the right shape. Apply a bunch of hot glue to hold the styrofoam ball in place.


Cheesin’ it up in the snow cone photo booth. BBBBrrrr Icyyyy!

Snow Cone Piñata



– cardboard

– brown wrapping paper

– tissue paper — white and a color of your choice

– spray adhesive

– glitter


– plate

– ruler

– box cutter

– pencil

– scissors

– hot glue gun



1. Using the plate and ruler, draw a snow cone shape on the cardboard. Draw a second one to create the back side of the piñata. Cut out both pieces using the box cutter.

2. Cut a strip of wrapping paper that is about five inches wide. The length depends on the circumference of your shape. Create 1-inch fringe on the long sides of the strips.

3. Fold the fringe pieces toward each other and glue around the circumference of the cardboard snow cone shape.

4. Add glue to the top fringes and lay the second cardboard snow cone shape on top.

5. Cut strips of tissue paper and snip fringe along the edge. Attach the tissue paper fringe to the outside of your piñata using hot glue.

6. Trim the fringe to reveal the shape of the piñata.


Use a plate and a ruler to get a symmetrical snow cone shape. Cut out two of these using the box cutter.


Cut long strips of the craft wrapping paper that measure about five inches wide. Create fringe along both of the longer edges. Fold them toward each other and then glue around the circumference of the cardboard snow cone shape. Fill your piñata with candy before gluing your second cardboard piece to the top layer of fringe.


Create strips of fringe out of tissue paper and glue them onto your cardboard base. Attach the white tissue paper on the bottom and the blue to the top. Trim off the edges or glue around the sides to keep the piñata shape. Spray the top with adhesive and sprinkle with glitter.


Take your best swing!


Fill your tabletop with colorful fruit and sweets. And you might as well pair your snow cones with their carnival friend: cotton candy!


We couldn’t get to the end of this post without a snow cone lick shot :)

What theme parties are you planning this summer? Share with us in the comments below!