You’re long overdue for a cut, but can’t seem to find time to squeeze in an appointment to chop those locks. And now you’ve got a big date, event or meeting and need to look your best. Don’t even think about busting out your kitchen scissors and trying to give yourself a trim! We have a few quick fix tips and tricks to help temporarily disguise those damaged ends in no time!

1. Spray-In Conditioner: Apply a leave in spray conditioner to dampen hair. I am obsessed with Marrakesh-X Leave-In Treatment. It has a hemp and argan oil base that smells divine.

2. Spray-In Heat Spray: While heat is often the culprit that caused the damage in the first place, it’s actually good to use heat to disguise and mend those frayed ends. Be sure to use a heat protector when blow drying and/or applying any heated device to your hair to help avoid any more damage. One of my current favorites is Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray.

3. Blow Dry: Once your hair is mostly dry, use a paddle or round brush with a blow dryer to help smooth out the ends of your hair.

4. Use a Flat Iron or Curling Iron: This step is where you are really going to build in some texture while fake-mending those ends.

5. Apply Smoothing Finishing Cream: Apply a small amount of smoothing balm like Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine to your finished tips to help add shine and keep the ends bonded throughout the day without weighing hair down.

What burning hair questions do you have? Got an issue you need help resolving? Talk to us in the comments below.