While boutonnieres may not be thought of as the most exciting element of your wedding planning, they don鈥檛 have to be boring or traditional. Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest and the multitude of wedding blogs, we鈥檝e found some pretty flowery boutonnieres that bring fun to floral arranging. And some of these you can even DIY yourself! Whether it鈥檚 a spring or a summer wedding you鈥檙e planning, these colorful and beautiful boutonnieres are sure to brighten up your big day.


1. Get Creative With Color: We love this happy and bright combination. Billy balls and greens come together beautifully to create this super gorgeous spring-y palette. (via Ever Whim Photographs)


2. Go Local: Local (and eco-friendly) plants like succulents add texture and look oh-so cute at any wedding. They鈥檙e perfect for an outdoor celebration and can even be saved and replanted afterwards. (via Love 鈥榥鈥 Fresh Flowers)


3. Statement Flower: A large flower keeps the look chic and elegant. Just choose the statement flower of your choice and surround it with florets and greens. It鈥檚 as simple as that! (via Rebecca Amber Photography)


4. Add a Whimsical Touch: Show your fun side and love of board games or puzzles by fastening blooms with a game piece. The more unique, the better. (via Love My Dress)


5. Decorate With Fragrant Herbs: Simple colors from fresh rosemary sprigs make a stunning homemade arrangement that smells wonderful. Complement it with lavender blossoms for a pop of purple and you鈥檙e all set. (via Once Wed)


6. Touch of Baby鈥檚 Breath: Baby鈥檚 breath is a classic wedding flower that exudes a clean, soft vibe. While you can use fresh or dried baby鈥檚 breath to make a simple boutonniere, fresh is ideal for a spring wedding. Bonus: It鈥檚 also super affordable. (via Intimate Weddings)


7. Drink Up: Repurpose collected bottle caps from your favorite fizzy beverage to give a vintage-inspired feel to you or your partner鈥檚 boutonniere. (via Jo Photo)


8. Put a Feather on It: Looking for a boho-floral vibe? Adding a colorful feather to the bouquet will help you get there. You can keep the hues cool or mix it up with a bright feather to complement your color scheme. (via The Sunflower Stand)


9. Freshen Up: Peach and mint are *so* pretty for spring. Use this romantic color combo for a rustic backyard wedding or beachside affair. (via Kristin Julia Photography)


10. Loosen Up Your Buttons: Looking for a more muted spring or summer palette? Use dried flowers and herbs instead. Pair 鈥檈m with antique wooden buttons to add country flair and charm to your big day. (via The Sunflower Stand)


11. Go Green: What鈥檚 fresher than green in the blooming spring season? These earthy colors look lovely fastened with a silver ribbon. (via JB Smith Photography)

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12. Paper Leaf + Antique Key: Think outside the box and use unexpected materials. Old book pages and an antique key will add a unique, non-floral element to your boutonniere. (via Pobke Photography)


13. Budget-Friendly Flowers: Channel your inner field-frolicking child by adding some mini daisies to the mix. Not only will they keep your budget in check, they鈥檒l also look great with other yellows and oranges. Bonus points if you craft yourself an old-school daisy flower crown to match. (via J.Woodbery Photography)


14. Bold聽Brights: Bright poppy FTW! Create this gorg color palette for your wedding with punchy corals and lively yellows. (via Orange Blossom Photography)

What boutonniere styles suit your wedding? Let us know in the comments!