We’re loving stamps right now. They’re clearly the best of both worlds. Makers love ’em because they’re super artsy and fun, and non-artistic gals love ’em because they make things look creative without any effort at all. So whether you’re into making your own stamp or getting a stamp made of your own face, it’s clear that stellar stamps are here to stay. And we’re not complaining.

1. Funny Face Stamp Set ($20): Be your own Picasso with these wooden rubber stamps. While its quirky nature lends itself to children, this is a fun set for any age.

2. Handmade Rubber Stamp ($10): This handwritten stamp is a must-have for makers. From home-baked cookies to handmade trinkets, you’ll be stamping everything in the house.

3. Fashion Stamp Set ($20): Save your lipstick kisses for your pet and play with one of these stamps instead. This set is a fashionista hipster’s dream come true. Yep, fashionista hipsters are a thing.

4. This Is My Fave Stamp ($20): This stamp is our fave. And because you never have one favorite thing, it’ll come in handy more often than you think.

5. Rotating Stamp ($20): You get 12 clever sayings in one when you purchase this intelligent stamp from Kate Spade. With phrases like “Live Colorfully” and “Don’t Mind If I Do,” the stamp is appropriate for almost every occasion.

6. Made In The USA Stamp ($19): The age of American-made goods is upon is, which is why this trendy “Made in the USA” stamp is so perfect. Stamp it on clothing tags. Stamp it on greeting cards. Stamp it on your forehead.

7. Baked With Love Stamp ($10): If it involves a whisk, all signs point to deliciousness. And while you can’t literally eat this rubber stamp, we’re sure whatever you use it for is as sweet as sugar.

8. Vintage Office Stamp Set ($25): This vintage stamp set has Mad Men written all over it. You might as well start calling yourself Joan Holloway if you start using these at work.

9. Many Thanks Ice Cream Stamps ($13): Whether you want to say a simple thanks or many many many many thanks, this ice cream scoop stamp set’s got you covered. As if you needed another reason to scream for ice cream…

10. Mason Jar Stamps ($30): Who doesn’t love mason jars these days? If you’re using them for jams, sauces or even handmade candles, it’s nice to have a label to match. Enter: mason jar stamp kit.

11. Flamingo Pineapple Stamp Set ($13): So… is it bad that we want to stamp pineapples and flamingoes on everything we own?

12. Custom US State Stamp ($18): Make a statement with a custom state stamp. Stamping the place you live and love is sure to put you in a jolly state-of-mind. Get it?

13. Place Card Stamp Set ($10): These whimsical stamps are just what you need for your next dinner party. Don’t be surprised if your guests want to keep their place cards. We know we would!

14. Camera Rubber Stamp ($20): Say cheese! Not only are these camera stamps a great gift for amateur photographers, but they also add a nice touch to a blank greeting card or envelope.

15. Alphabet Stamp Set ($20): You can say anything you want with these stamps. Write a poem. Tell a joke. Heck, write a novel! Kidding. That would take forever.

16. You’re A Gem Stamp ($17): Shine brightly like a diamond gem. You should totally stamp these on people’s hands when they come over for a party.

17. Thank You Stamp ($24): This is the perfect gift for a newlywed couple. Your thank you cards have never been easier!

18. Hello Stamp ($11): You’ll never have to say hello again with this gorgeous and friendly handwritten stamp. Why not stamp it on your head so you have an excuse to be adorably anti-social?

19. Footprint Stamps ($20): These endearing stamps are the quintessential gift for animal lovers. Or parents teaching their kids about animals. Either way, ink paw prints on paper are better than dirt ones on the carpet.

20. Typewriter Stamps ($20): These petite wooden stamps in lowercase letters are inspired by a classic typeface and come in a vintage wooden box. While it’s definitely not as quick as a typewriter, you can get the same effect minus the heavy metal machine.

21. Custom Pet Portrait Stamp ($65): Take good ‘ol Sparky with you everywhere you go with this custom pet portrait stamp. What a cute gift for obsessed pet owners (aka everyone who owns a pet).

What stamps are you dying to get your hands on? Let us know in the comments!