The right rug can transform a space. That’s why we’ve brought you everything from pretty rugs to DIY rugs in the past. Now, we’ve covered some more ground and found 17 rugs that pack a design punch. From smaller circles that pop to large area rugs that tie the whole room together, these gems make a statement.

1. Silent Fox ($498): What does the fox say? Not much here. This sweet, slumbering fantasitcal Mr. (or Mrs.) fox makes us want to curl up for a nap in the flowers too.

2. The Arrow ($288): The exits are here, here and here. We kind of have a thing for arrows as of late. And this handwoven beaut is no exception. Let your guests know which way to go. The correct way is anywhere they want to go.

3. Antique Anatolia Turkish Kilim Jewel ($745): If Aztec-inspired style collided with Brit + Co., we think it would look like this rug. The fun colors and pattern are sure to add a pop to any room.

4. Brovon ($179): Maybe we just have the Winter Olympics on the brain, but the crisp angles and colors remind us of the slopes in Sochi. This runner is sure to lead you to the decor finish line

5. Tåstrup ($40): The bright circles look just like buttons! We had to include this one for all our makers out there. What a fun addition to add to your creative space. Also, seems like a DIY Twister game is just dying to be made out of this whimsical little floor cover.

6. Egg Rugg ($60): Owners of kitsch kitchens, this one’s for you. You’ll be waking up on the sunny side every loving day of the week.

7. Gloria’s Garden Rug ($398): And to think, you didn’t have to plant a single seed or lift a single watering can to get it.

8. Hopscotch ($199): Hop to it! This playful take on the elementary school classic is a neutral that can add a whimsical touch to any space. Just make sure you don’t put any breakable heirloom pieces anywhere near it. Because you know every single person who comes over is going to have to have a whirl on it.

9. Modern Plaid ($399): You hear plaid rug, and you think some sort of manly hunting lodge… right? Or is that just us? Either way, this rug is all modern and all lady like.

10. Manuscrit ($3,610): Is this rug so beautiful that it doubles as wall decor? Why, yes. Yes, it is.

11. Pembetatu Cotton Dhurrie ($35): Geometric patterns and pops of color? Yes, please. Pembetatu means triangle in Swahili. Feel free to drop that knowledge on your friends when they ask about this gem.

12. Magical Thinking Flower ($44): We don’t know if this carpet got it’s name from its hypnotic pattern or because once it arrives in your room, your apartment is like a whole new world.

13. Scope ($329): If you’re looking to bring dimension to a large space, this kaleidoscope-inspired piece is perfect.

14. Delerus ($180-$350): It wouldn’t be a Brit+ Co. roundup without some serious color, and this rug delivers dots and dots of it.

15. Printed Nic ($211): The tribal designs combined with hot pink and orange is perfection.

16. Confetti Floral ($78): This rug is thisclose to being too beautiful to look at. An explosion of floral confetti brings a warm, cheery feeling underfoot.

17. Denim Post Recycle Rug: How awesome is this upcycled rug? We love that it’s made out of pre-loved denim and woven by hand. This unique rug is currently sold out, but it was too beautiful not to share. Maybe a little DIY inspiration for your worn out denim? Best of luck and let us know how it goes. (via Nudie Jeans)

What’s your favorite way to amp up your decor? Share your design love with us in the comments.