A few weeks ago, we shared 25 of the prettiest rugs you can buy online, and now we’re here to say, “Why buy when you can DIY?” If you’ve got a Saturday bookmarked for crafting in the near future, any of these 20 tutorials is a great way to add a little pep to your space, whether for the office or the home.

1. Crazy Pom Pom Rug: A bunch of colorful pom poms come together beautifully in this bright and festive rug. (via Poppytalk)

2. Type Rug: Love yourself some type? Follow this tutorial to show your love right on your living room floor. (via Jessica Hische)

3. Braided Towel Rug: Got a few towels that are looking a little worse for the wear? Braid them up into a stylish and cushy bathmat or rug. (via Sisters of the Wild West)

4. Faux Sheepskin Cloud-Shaped Rug: Whoever thought of making furry clouds is kind of a genius. (via Life Fix)

5. Pebble Mat: For something a little less cuddly, this pebble mat is cool and calming for warmer climates. (via Curbly)

6. Metallic Gold Zebra Print Rug: Who knew zebra print and gold could not look like something you bought at Wet Seal in the ’90s? (via Home Depot)

7. Illuminated Rug: We absolutely love this rug, made with a rope light and basic knitting and/or crochet techniques. (via Imu Design)

8. Felt Stone Rug: Combine pom pom style with pebble style and make your own felt stone rug. (via Yes I Made That)

9. Braided Doormat: This nautical number makes us dream of sitting on a porch in Maine, gazing at the ocean. (via Martha Stewart)

10. Tablecloth Rug: Found a tablecloth you love but have no idea where or when to use it? Turn it into a rug! (via Dream Book Design)

11. Friendship Bracelet Chevron Rug: This is probably our favorite project on the list – the tutorial shows you how to make a rug using a friendship bracelet technique. So good! (via The House That Lars Built)

12. Rope Swirl: So. Many. Colors! Stay tuned for our take on the DIY rope rug in the next week or two. (via Free People)

13. Crocheted Alpaca Rug: Just learned how to crochet but not really feeling the scarf move? Get some chunky wool and create your own version of this cozy alpaca rug. (via Purl Bee)

14. Recycled Rag Rug: This rug was made from old sheets! Love it. (via Craft Passion)

15. Woodgrain Rug: For a slightly rustic (but somehow graphical) vibe, create a woodgrain stencil and spray paint it up. (via A Beautiful Mess)

16. Painted Moroccan Rug: Creating this stencil is a little more involved, but the results are crisp and pretty darn swoon-worthy. (via Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)

17. Crafty Felt Rug: No, this was not made out of hundreds of small felt balls… but it totally could be. This little hack shows you how to turn three little mats into one awesome rug. (via Conversation Pieces)

18. T-Shirt Latch Hook Rug: Repurpose a t-shirt? Don’t mind if we do! (via Xoelle)

19. Wine Cork Bath Mat: You knew you’d been saving all those wine corks for a reason… ;) (via Crafty Nest)

20. Geometric Starburst Rug: And finally, geometry, paint, and a carpet. Win! (via Almost 40 Year Old Intern)

Have you ever made your own rug, mat, or carpet? Seen anything at Anthropologie that you’re just dying to find a hack on? Talk to us in the comments below.