You know those Instagrammers that look like they live in a place so beautiful it must be another planet? Well, Stella Maria Baer (@stellamariabaer) is one of those people. She is a painter and photographer who we first discovered on Instagram and now want to be best friends with (see exhibit A: her dog in a hat posed with her work… or exhibit B, her dog painting with watercolors with her in the desert).

This artist currently lives in the Northeast but is originally from the Southwest, and the earthy, muted tones of that region are very clearly reflected in her work. Drawing inspiration from both nature and outer space, she’s been working on a beautiful watercolor series that includes portraits of the moon, other planets and other planets’ moons.

Prints are available on her website for $240-$270 (depending on the size) and custom paintings are always an option if you want to commission an original watercolor. Well, there goes all disposable income from now until forever.

Do any of these paintings look like they belong in your house? Let us know which one(s) in the comments.