Wearables have come a long way. Sure, we love bracelets that charge your phone and cocktail rings that alerts you to important messages, but we’re all about the think-outside-the-box-worthy wearables, like GPS-guided blazers and shoes that keep you on your route. Now, we’re thrilled to see a Kickstarter that’s delivering a wearable that goes way beyond anything on your wrist or smartphone, called Digitsole.

Slip this innovative insole into your shoe, and it tracks all of your steps and calories burned. But the reason it’s climbing to the top of our list of favorite wearables is because of this: It warms your toes! Digitsole combines function and comfort in the first insole that’s connected and interactive. Start by charging up the insoles via USB and downloading the dedicated app. Connect the Digitsole app with the insoles, and they’ll instantly start tracking your steps. Control the temperature of each foot with the easy-to-use app interface.

Because the activity tracker is on your feet, you can expect Digitsole to be more accurate than other wearables. And the app also lets you check the battery level of the insoles, so you’ll always be prepared. The thin insoles are easy to slip inside almost any pair of shoes, just replacing your original insole.

As much as we rely on our winter boots to keep our feet warm in chilly weather, we’re pumped to be able to slip in something to make them extra cozy. This Kickstarter project requires a $99 pledge to get a pair of insoles and the dedicated app, but super fans who are willing to pledge $600 will get Digitsoles for the entire family by the holidays… just when your feet need them the most!

Are you excited that the future of wearables could combine comfort and utility?