Thanksgiving dinner is a meal that you just can’t get enough of. Something about the combination of turkey, potatoes, stuffing and gravy ALWAYS makes us eat WAY more than we should (guilt free, may we add).

Before you know it, you’re pushing past the point of full to take just one more small helping of thirds because, well, it’s just. So. Tasty. But what if that third helping was ALSO dessert? Enter the Thanksgiving donut.

A gourmet donut shop called PVDonuts in Providence, RI, has brought this beautiful creation into the world, and it is giving us life. Named the #FriendsgivingPVD, it’s a brioche donut topped with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and a cranberry glaze. Have MERCY. It’s certainly a far cry from the “kalettes” Brussels sprout + kale hybrid, and we’re very okay with that.

According to @goprovidence, people have been lining up out the door and packing out the place to get one of these, and we can’t blame them.

UGH, pure torture for anyone not anywhere near PV Donuts RN. If you’re not lucky enough to nab one of these Friendsgiving beauties, there are some other ways to have the perfect Friendsgiving. Though after seeing this donut, we’re not sure it’ll ever live up to the promise. Sniff.

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(h/t Thrillist, featured photo via @pvdonuts)