Thought your obsession with kale couldn’t get any more intense? Think again, my superfood-loving friends. Just in time for the biggest feast of the year comes a produce innovation that’s unexpected, instantly trendy and totally necessary: Kalettes.

Just like Grapples and Pluots, Kalettes are actually a trademarked innovation. Equal parts Brussels sprouts and kale, it’s the perfect symbiotic relationship between two of the universe’s trendiest veggies.

The 21st-century veg is actually the first new vegetable to be released in more than a decade. The plant originated in the UK, but is now also produced in California (where Kale is basically the state’s mascot). They grow on a stalk, just like the Brussels you’re currently seeing all over the grocery store.

The veg has actually been around in the US since 2014 (and in the UK since 2010), but it’s recently seen a spike in popularity on Instagram, probably thanks to all the excessive trips being taken to the grocery store RN. How this tasty creation has escaped our shopping carts for so long, we have no idea.

The product is becoming increasingly available in grocery stores across the country, so ask your local grocer, if you’re brave enough to face the pre-Turkey day crowds. Or, if you’re willing to wait and work for that first taste of Kalette, you can buy seeds to harvest a stalk yourself.

I don’t know about you guys, but we know what we’re bringing as our contribution to this year’s Friendsgiving feast.

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