While Chicago enjoyed the 25th anniversary of Lollapalooza this weekend, there was a second major music festival rocking the East Coast: Montreal’s Osheaga. Celebrating its 11th year, the festival welcomed a sold-out crowd of over 135,000 music lovers from around the world and treated them to performances from Lana Del Rey, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grimes and many more.

In addition to over 100 shows in three days spread out across six stages, Osheaga delivered big in the fashion department. Everywhere we turned, there was an awesome outfit to admire, giving Coachella fashionistas a run for their Best Dressed crown! These fierce ladies and gents definitely stole our style-loving hearts.


1. White on White on White: These BFFs weren’t afraid of getting their adorable outfits dirty and stood out from the pack by bravely wearing head-to-toe white. We wish we knew their secret for keeping those sneakers looking so fresh!


2. DenimOveralls: Or any overalls, for that matter. No longer reserved for ’90s nostalgia, overalls are the ultimate #TBT style staple, and we spotted plenty of long and short versions, on both women and men!


3. Flowers 2.0: It seems that more and more fashionistas are transitioning away from flower crowns and opting to wear florals in a new way: on their clothes. This super adorbs one-piece (and that cute pose) really made us smile.


4. Statement Net Dresses: They may not be easy to pull off, but we saw net dresses in all lengths and colors throughout the weekend. This floor-length gold piece paired with simple black lingerie sparkled under the sun to make a major statement.


5. Fruits + Veggies: Bold veggie and fruit prints abounded, but this T-shirt dress in particular stopped us in our tracks. Who needs classic apples or lemons when you can have avocados?!


6. Edgy Vixen: Mixing feminine pieces with edgy accessories is a standout trend for 2016. These ripped stockings and Dr. Martens play off the cute polka dot top and skirt like a match made in music festival heaven.


7. Canadian Tuxedo: Denim layered on denim isn’t always a good look. Need we remind you of Britney and Justin’s 2001 AMAs look? #NeverForget. This gal totally did it justice, however, by pairing two different washes and giving her denim some feminine touches.


8. All. The. Sparkle.: From glitter makeup to glitter roots, sparkles were everywhere this year, but no one wore them in a way quite as unique as this festival-goer in her shimmery butterfly dress.


9. Bodysuit, Reinvented: We’ve seen bodysuits paired with denim shorts; we’ve seen them with no pants, but we’ve never seen them worn in such a statement-making way. Between the see-through dress and bold accessories, this beauty was ready for the catwalk.


10. Vintage Galore: No festival would be complete without vintage touches. This Osheaga fan paired her grandma’s bedazzled fanny pack with a neon ’80s cap and a vintage crop top. Talk about a one-of-a-kind outfit!


11. Slip Dresses: Simple, elegant and perfect for hot, sunny weather, shiny slip dresses in all sorts of beautiful neutral shades kept taking our breath away.


12. Boho Chic: There’s no stopping boho chic, and TBH, we hope it never goes away. Between her fedora, booties and shoelace choker, this fashionista was giving us all kinds of unforgettable festival vibes.


13. Perfect Match: Matching sets were everywhere, but this linen culotte and halter two-piece paired with classic Vans and ombre hair was seriously too cool for school.


14. Bright Colors, Brighter Hair: Music festivals are the perfect occasion to embrace bright colors and have some major fun. This stylish gal did just that, pairing her bright look (love that watermelon fanny pack!) with even brighter hair.


15. Lace Everywhere: Another festival classic, this beauty perfectly matched her crochet top with a unique lace choker, giving the trend a new twist we haven’t seen before. Bonus points for those sweet bell sleeves!


16. Girl Meets Country: Mixing and matching trends and inspirations, this chic concertgoer ended up at the crossroads of girly (how cute is that bow belt?) and country, and we’re all for it!

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(Photos via Katherine Dydyk)