A little while back, there was a trending topic on Twitter called #thighreading where people we posting pictures of their stretch marks, because every mark tells a story. BuzzFeed Video recently came out with a super inspirational video that goes more in-depth on why women should embrace their, as Chrissy Teigen puts it, “stretchies.” This extremely body positive video features six brave women talking about why they have come to love something that previously society had been deemed a flaw.


Many of us have struggled to accept their stretch marks at first. After all, when we have been conditioned our entire lives to view something as a flaw, it’s very, very difficult to undo that sort of societal programming. But take heart, because as evidenced by the entire body positive movement that has swept the nation lately, it can be done.


Some of the stories are extremely sad, like this woman who said, “I was pregnant and I happened to actually lose the baby and I didn’t gain a lot of weight from being pregnant, but I gained a lot of weight from the depression after.” But now, she looks at her stretch marks and is reminded that “there can be life here in the future. It’s beautiful because there’s the still the evidence of what could have been.”


Some of us have learned to love our marks because we have learned to love our bodies. We only get one this whole life and we should it love.


While others still approach stretch marks with a good sense of humor and healthy dose of self-appreciation. Whatever the reason you’ve arrived at for loving your stretchies, at the end of the day, these markings shows how you’ve grown and where you came from.

Check out the full video below.

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(h/t BuzzFeed)