We’ve all done it: We stand in front of our closets full of clothes and exclaim, “I have nothing to wear!” When fashion indecision sets in, you can go all Joey Tribbiani and put on your friend’s entire wardrobe to amuse your friends (could you be committing any more fashion faux pas?), or you can let Stuff ‘n’ Style virtually raid your closet and take over as your personal stylist. Whether you’re headed off to a relaxing day at the beach or a dreaded work meeting, Stuff ‘n’ Style can help you ditch the stress and strut your stuff in style.


You don’t need Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe or wallet to look and feel like a fashionista. Stuff ‘n’ Style helps you put together stylish outfits from among the clothes you already own. Stuff ‘n’ Style is available as both a free iOS app and a website that works in three simple steps. First, you must take the app’s style quiz to help Stuff ‘n’ Style assess your personal style, body type and lifestyle. Afterwards, snap a few pics of clothing pieces in the style you want your outfit to mimic, and then just ask Stuff ‘n’ Style to style you.


Stuff ‘n’ Style promises to deliver outfit choices that flatter your body type and your lifestyle. Their recommendations are based on input from professional stylists, so you can rest assured that the fashion police will never be after you. The app even allows you create your own lookbooks and seek style inspiration from others, so that over time, you will learn how to put together the perfect outfits. Who knows — Stuff ‘n’ Style might just help you become the next Rachel Zoe.


Stuff ‘n’ Style isn’t simply a personal stylist, but also a professional organizer and a personal shopper. You can organize your closet digitally, so you’ll never lose a key piece or forget where in your closet you put that ugly Christmas sweater. The app even lets you consult with personal stylists at no extra charge to help you choose the right ensemble for any occasion. Stuff ‘n’ Style is betting that with it on your phone, you’ll make smart buys instead of impulse purchases, changing the way you shop forever.

Intrigued? Let us know in the comments below if you’re having a fashion crisis and could use the help of Stuff ‘n’ Style!