If getting organized is on your to-do list for 2016, listen up: Arming yourself with the right tools will make staying on top of projects, plans and just about everything else on your new year agenda feel like a total breeze. Whether reducing clutter is your goal or you simply want to keep better track of your spending habits, these 10 covetable items will help keep you on top of your get-organized game in style. Like an arsenal of bright new workout wear inspires excitement about working on your fitness, these get-it-together accessories are guaranteed to put you in the mood to organize all day, every day.


1. Stow Ruby Red Phone Charger & Travel Pouch ($148): Keep your tech charged and your cords uncluttered with a luxe leather pouch in a brilliant ruby shade. It’s practical for travel or your daily commute (girls on the go, rejoice!) and doubles as a passport holder, clutch or crazy-cute wallet.


2. Gigi New York 2016 Desk Diary ($110): If you’re the type that actually needs to write everything down in order to remember it, it might be time to ditch iCalendar and invest in a tangible agenda. The week-at-a-view format and ample writing space in this gilded planner allows you to plan out the week down to the last minute, so you don’t miss that important meeting or cool new lecture series.


3. Cord Taco Craft Edition ($20): Never lose another cord again. These moon-shaped organizers provide the tastiest way to control rogue wires in your bag, pocket, car or desk with chic metallic leather and smart snap closures.


4. Apple Sport Watch 38mm Gold Aluminum Case With Antique White Sport Band ($349): Whether you’re paying for groceries, checking your flight status, tracking your daily activity or getting reminders for meetings, assignments or even your favorite shows — phew! — there’s nothing this ultra high-tech wearable can’t do. If you’ve been thinking about paring down, this all-in-one accessory can help you do just that.


5. Iskelter Classic Station ($30): Put an end to desktop disasters for good with a handcrafted wooden caddy and docking station that’s perfect for a minimalist workspace. The chic, natural piece allows you to go cord and cable free (huge!) and provides two versatile spaces to neatly stash pens, glasses, keys — you name it.


6. Mo. & Co. Luella Knitwork Pouch ($98): Totes are the ultimate workweek sac, but it’s easy for things to get swallowed up in their extra roomy interiors. Do yourself a major favor and place all of your everyday essentials or important documents in one easy-to-access space. A medium-sized clutch is the perfect place for business cards, passports, lipstick and keys. Make it a habit of keeping the same items inside so you can reach for them in a flash.


7. Leif Shop Kraft Pastel Notebook ($12): Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places, so keep a notebook handy at all times to jot notes, thoughts, stories or even the name of that amazing cafe with the killer cold brew.


8. Zara Fringe Keyring ($20): Misplacing a pair of keys can be a major bummer. You either end up locked out of the house for hours on end or arrive at the office late. A bright key ring with trendy fringe makes keeping tabs on your keys an exercise in effortlessness. Want to really put those scatterbrained days behind you? Put a key dish or hook by the door and make sure that’s the first place they go when you walk through the door.


9. Helen Levi Ocean Dish ($30): Get your bits and bobs into gear by bringing a bit of order to your stash of accessories and baubles. Decorative ring dishes are great for organizing earrings, rings and statement-making pins, plus they’ll add a touch of color to your dresser top.


10. Ban.do Stay Focused Pouch ($12): Keeping an eye on your purchases is a whole lot easier if you hang on to receipts (and we’re not talking crumpling them up and forgetting about them in your pockets). Collect them in a cute pouch or pint-sized clutch, then review them at the end of the week.

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