You’ve carefully chosen the colors and furniture for your baby’s nursery, and now you want to pick up some sort of personalized statement pieces to put in there. But the whole standard issue three-letter monogram thing can be a bit stale, dontcha think? Yes, us too. Thankfully, there are SO many super cute ways to thoughtfully decorate nurseries nowadays. From a visual soundwave of your baby’s heartbeat to a tailored astrology print, we’ve got 17 creative picks that go way beyond the classic monogram.


1. Ruka-Ruka Venn Diagram Poster ($39): We’re loving this graphic that illustrates the family in such a chic way. You can also get one that celebrates siblings, for those sharing a room.


2. Tande Farmers Market Donut Pillow ($30): These personalized pillows look good enough to eat! The adorable felted pillows come in a wide array of hues, from those above to Lime Green, Chocolate Brown to Gold. Warning: Looking at these pillows for too long might make you (and your baby) hungry!


3. Sharp Tooth Studio Custom Banner Flags ($35+): Let’s hear it for cute babies! These retro custom banner flags will show everyone whose team you’re on. We love how these are sporty yet chic (and totally unisex).


4. Jando Design Baby Heartbeat Soundwave Art ($29+): This piece of nursery art has a whole lot of heart, literally. Send in an audio file of your baby’s heartbeat and it gets transformed into a visual soundwave. This custom art may seem abstract but it has a very personal meaning. It’s available in a variety of colors too!


5. Crochetonatree Crocheted Name  ($41+): Don’t worry if you aren’t a crochet queen, you can outsource this baby-name banner. You can also order a variety of extras to help hold up the name such as clouds (above), birds or hot air balloons. The maker also does super cute crocheted mobiles too!


6. hoppsydaisy Wool Felt Ball Letters ($47–$55 per letter): This wool felt ball letter set is totally quirky, fun and cheery. You can just get the first letter or initials, or if their name is short enough, the whole shebang. This one comes from the UK, so keep shipping in mind when ordering.


7. FUNtastic Design AT-AT Walker Print ($95): If you want to ensure the force is strong with your daughter or son, then this piece of customized Star Wars art is for you. This sturdy piece comes in four panels and is available in the pink above and blue for boys.


8. PetrichorBlue Succulent Wreath Art Download ($5): We LOVE succulents, and so natch we’d adore this lovely name wreath. It’s a download, so you’ll have instant gratification and can put it up right away (it also means it’s a great option for a quick gift for another mom or mom-to-be).


9. Two Brushes Designs Floral Letter Download ($11): If succulents don’t rock your world, then perhaps this gorg collection of flowers will. And yup, this is another download (and it would also be super cute as a t-shirt).


10. Little Universe Shop Customized Adventure Print Download ($4): For your future adventurer, there’s this stylish customized mountain print. This download comes in black and white, so you could also color it at home if you’d like!


11. poppylovestogroove Monster Print Download ($6): Does your kid love Where the Wild Things Are, or maybe you just love it and plan to make it regular bedtime reading? Of course! For your little creature, download this way-more-adorable-than-scary monster print.


12. Printable Wisdom Zodiac Astrology Print Download ($8): This sweet astrology print will work with kids of all ages — from baby to tween. Select your baby’s astrological sign, and you’ll get their name along with the constellation associated with their birth date.


13. Wehunt Wood Decor Arrow and Antlers Pallet Sign ($52): If you’re looking for something that’s boho chic, this upcycled pallet sign might be just the thing. The antlers in the background give even a more rustic flair (but the floral deets totally even it out).


14. KimArt Custom Personalized Embroidery ($62): If you’re not handy with the embroidery needle but still want a piece of threaded charm for your nursery, you’re in luck. You can order one from a handy maker on Etsy like this lovely simple one above (there are oodles to choose from).


15. ImagineNations Custom Adventure Push Pin Globe ($299): This is a fantastic piece for your future traveler. The customized globe comes with little banners and push pins that you can use to track where in the world they’ve been. This is so cool, it actually can live beyond the nursery.


16. Sandra Mack Studio Nautical Nursery Baby Birth Stat Throw Pillow ($39): While we always like a chic throw pillow, we love one that has significance. This nautical pillow presents all your baby’s birth stats in style, including their length, weight and time of birth.


17. Cara Diane + Co. Twigs Baby Pillow ($22): If you like the concept but aren’t feeling the nautical vibe of the last one, the Twigs Baby Pillow gives a different spin on displaying baby stats in a natural way with leaves and twigs.

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