For those of us who love all things design and DIY, there’s nothing that tops putting together a nursery. Okay, meeting your new baby is the most exciting part of the whole ordeal, but stay with us here. From picking a theme, scouring the Internet for just the right bedding and making someone rearrange the furniture 10 times only to put it back the way it was the first time, it’s all about nesting. And there’s one detail you can’t forget — the mobile! Since your baby will be spending plenty of time in their crib, you might as well give them something cute to look at while they doze off.

1. Hot Air Balloon Mobile ($172): Your little one will drift up, up and away to dreamland while staring up at this gender-neutral beauty.

2. Sailboat Mobile ($60): Sail away with this solid wood and cotton nautical creation. This is one mobile that’ll be around long past the infant stage and will look just as good in a nursery as in a teenagers room.

3. Scrapbook Paper Mobile: Clean out your scrap paper stash and make something brand new for your greatest creation of all. (via Our Pinteresting Family)

4. Dip Dyed Feather Mobile ($19): Goose feathers hand dipped in all-natural food dye make up a mobile that’s the perfect addition to a hippie chic or boho nursery.

5. Geometric Mobile: Save this DIY for a rainy afternoon or get the older kids involved in helping you whip up this geometric masterpiece made entirely out of straws and wire. (via Brit + Co)

6. Striped Cat Mobile ($110): Pass on your crazy cat lady-ness to your new bundle of joy. Made specifically with your baby’s changing vision in mind, the black and white cats will appeal to any newborn, and once they start to notice colors (around three months), they’ll love it even more.

7. Mr. Man Mobile ($28): Some babies are just too cool for ruffles and stuffed animals. If that sounds like your dapper dude, then this mobile is for you!

8. Cloud Mobile ($36): This cloud mobile might trick your little one into thinking they’re staring up at the real things thanks to its 3D design and clear fishing wire construction.

9. Felt Ball Mobile: If you’ve ever been tempted by those packages of brightly colored felt balls, but didn’t know what to do with them, here’s a DIY you won’t mind looking at every day. (via My Sparkle)

10. Woodland Creatures Mobile ($88): Childhood should be full of whimsical goodness, and why not get it going right from the start? And since the mobile is made from eco-felt, which is a material consisting of 100% post consumer plastic bottles, it’s a purchase you can feel good about!

11. Stork Mobile ($30): Storks are a common image found in tons of baby nurseries, but I bet you’ve never seen a stork (or three) like this before!

12. Wooden Tree Mobile: A couple pieces of veneer and a few hours later, and you’ll have a freehand tree mobile fit for any little adventurer. (via You Are My Fave)

13. Metallic Linen Mobiles ($166): Hang this sparkly mobile over the crib for now, and once it’s replaced with a toddler bed, you can detach the doll by snipping a single thread. Two for one!

14. DIY Mobile Kit ($44): Want to DIY something for your baby’s nursery but don’t feel like wandering around the craft store in search of all the right supplies? Now you can get the best of both worlds delivered right to your mailbox.

15. Leather Triangle Mobile ($85): Featuring limited edition printed black and white leather, each triangle is cut and sewn by hand so you can be sure yours is definitely one of a kind (just like your baby).

16. Origami Stork Mobile: Made of a whopping 1,000 origami storks, this mobile is really a labor of love. But there is no DIY too big for a mommy-to-be with a mission. (via Brit + Co)

17. Vintage Airplane Mobile ($49): No tiny pilot’s room is complete without this mobile featuring six vintage planes that will encourage soaring imaginations from day one!

18. Tissue Wisteria: Who knew tissue paper and fishing line could look so good? (via Land of Nod)

19. Air Plant Mobile ($45): Bring a bit of the outside in with this all-natural, minimalist mobile. And the best part? No watering required!

20. Fabric Pom-Pom Mobile: This pom-pom creation is adorable and can be made in any color to match your decor, but did you see how it’s hung up? Yup, that’s a plant hook. (via Project Nursery)

21. Moon Craft Mobile: Get big brother or sister excited for the new baby as they lend a hand in making something out of this world for the nursery. (via Fantastic Fun and Learning)

22. Plush Lamb Mobile ($59): Five lovable lambs will keep your most valuable possession company, from naps to nighttime.

23. Paint Swatch Chandelier: Grab that circle punch and get to work. Instead of randomly stacking the circles, arrange them in an ombre pattern to add a touch of class to your project. (via Hey Gorgeous)

24. Colorful Geometric Mobile: Not great at geometry or calculating angles but love the modern look? This DIY takes out all the guesswork and leaves you with a piece you can be proud of. (via Curbly)

25. Tassel Mobile: Tassels are all over the place, so it only makes sense that they should end up over the crib next. (via Style Me Pretty)

26. Rainbow Dreamcatcher Mobile ($70): Make all your little one’s (good) dreams come true and rest easy knowing this beauty is slowly swaying overhead.

27. DIY Felt Mobile: Inspired and designed after real hot air balloon patterns, these detailed step-by-step instructions make this one project that’s within reach. (via How Joyful)

28. Laser Cut Raindrop Mobile ($38): The soft pitter patter of raindrops on the window have the power to put anyone to sleep, so here’s hoping for a peaceful night even if the forecast is clear.

29. Paper Crib Mobile ($52): Love the look of a paper mobile but don’t have the patience to cut out all those circles? Now you can have it all!

30. Kite Mobile ($69): Give your tiny tot something cute to look at while they drift off to sleep. This 100% organic cotton mobile will get the job done every time.

Which mobile would you choose for your baby? Don’t leave us hanging! Talk to us in the comments.