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Buckle up: Mercury’s in retrograde from March 5 to 28. But don’t worry, your survival kit for this astrological phenomenon is full of… well, juice. While a turmeric shot may not necessarily keep your tech gear from malfunctioning, this set of cold-pressed greens and fruity elixirs from Suja may keep your health in check (which is the most important part, right?). The three juices and three shots in the Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit ($75/10 juices and 12 shots) was created in partnership with popular astrologers AstroTwins. The two teams opted for juices that focus on energy, immunity, and digestion. But how do they taste? We got a sneak peek of the set so we could sip and share the details before you place your juice order.

The Shots

Energy Shot: “Keep your batteries charged and your energy high with this shot of organic coffee fruit and adaptogenic reishi,” Suja claims about this shot. Made with coffeeberry, it tastes exactly how it sounds, like coffee but fruity. The combination of berries and reishi make for a bold, smooth, almost cocoa-like flavor. The 100 mg of caffeine and 1 billion CFUs of live probiotics will give you the boost you need whether it’s at the start of the day or before a workout class.

Immunity Shot: Suja tells us, “Rising stress levels may decrease your resistance to winter colds. Ward off the sniffles with the functional power of ginger, turmeric and echinacea.” The Immunity Shot won’t make you feel like you’re choking back spicy turmeric or ginger thanks to the sweet pineapple that cuts the bitterness of these medicinal roots. The turmeric is also a powerhouse for decreasing inflammation, which is ideal for preventing soreness after exercise.

Digestion Shot: “If you want to make the best decisions, you’ll have to trust your gut — and keep yours as strong and healthy as possible!” Suja says about its Digestion Shot. Taking an apple cider vinegar shot can be borderline painful; however, this tasty concoction, full of live probiotics, is not only more nutritionally complex, but also is way better in terms of flavor.

The Juices

Probiotic Watermelon: “This planetary pandemonium can adversely affect travel; it might be best to stay home and sip something summery. Neon straw and umbrella, optional,” Suja recommends. While we’re probably not going to let a little Mercury in retrograde affect our Spring Break plans, we do think this juice is potentially our new favorite way to stay hydrated and feed our gut (with 2 billion CFUs of vegan probiotics) in one fell swoop.

Lemon Love: “Turn lemons into lemonade by keeping yourself in sunny spirits… even if everyone else is melting down,” Suja states. Akin to the Master Cleanse drink popularized in the oughts, this peppery-citrus blend is a staple in the Suja line-up. If you haven’t had it before, know that it will definitely wake you up thanks to the hot hot heat from cayenne and punchy tart lemon.

Uber Greens: “Gulp your greens and stay laser-focused for those long, demanding days,” Suja says about its green juice. This juice is not for the faint of heart and is not a beginner green juice by any means. Though it does have lemon, grapefruit, cucumber, and green tea to mitigate the earthiness, the bold greens are still very much there. As such, those who have an affinity for green juice will absolutely love it.

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(Photos via Suju and Dominique Astorino)