Summer is full of neverending activities. Beach days, BBQs, hiking, binge marathons, rainy afternoons and literally everything under the sun. That filled up social calendar often — aka most of the time — requires a hack or two to make sure the warmest days of the year are even better. Whether those solstice days require a beauty hack or a grilling secret, there’s always a hidden gem or two to make every midsummer night’s nightmare transform into a dream. Check out 11 essential hacks to make it through any + all summer activities below!


1. Backyard Decor: An outdoor party is nothing without stellar decorations. Give your backyard or patio new life for the summer by adding some string light sets, guaranteeing the party will last until the early hours. To make sure those lovely lights stay in place throughout your shindig without a routine mid-party checkup(s), hang ’em in place with the help of the easy-to-use + mega-flexible Sugru glue, which is 15% off with code DomesticNinja15 through July 31, FYI. Not only will this hack turn you into a Domestic Ninja — aka someone who masters small jobs around the house — but it will also transform your party into one everyone will be talking about for the rest of the summer. Who wouldn’t want that kind of chatter? (via Sugru)

diy freeze pops

2. DIY Freeze Pops: Who doesn’t love indulging in a push pop (or a handful) while lounging by the pool in 85+ degrees? Literally everyone loves ’em. DIY adult versions — bonus points for eliminating half the sugar count with your own creations — and it’ll feel like you’re sipping on a cocktail at the best five-star resort on a tropical island all afternoon. (via Brit + Co)

aloe ice cubes

3. Aloe Ice Cubes: This is an essential summer beauty hack. We all forget to apply sunscreen or dodn’t put enough on to cover up our bodies at least once during the summer. Fight the sunburn pain and prevent peeling with these ice cubes that are sure to give you the best kind of relief post-bucket of beers + rays! (via Hello Natural)

prescription snorkeling mask

4. Prescription Snorkeling Mask: Picture this: you’re headed out on an exciting underwater excursion on your vacation, but you’ve got glasses that are bound to slide around under your snorkel gear. Have no fear: Turn yourself into a domestic ninja before that deep dive with moldable glue that’s easy + fun to use (and 15% off with code DomesticNinja15 through July 31), making sure your frames stay in place no matter how many leagues under the sea you go. Simply press your glasses into a heavy-duty sticking piece of Sugru (which comes in handy for an endless number of activities + projects, FYI) on your snorkel mask and sea-ventures will be worry + wiggle-free until the end of time. (via Sugru)

diy swimsuit

5. Upgrade Last Year’s Swimsuit: Yeah, your solid swimsuit was super cute last year, but you don’t want to be caught in the same one 365 days later. Since you wore it in and it’s so comfy, easily upgrade it with some fabric paint and no one will know you didn’t spend $50+ on this year’s hottest bathing suit style. (via Brit + Co)

ground beef divider

6. Easy Ground Beef Divider: Why have we never thought of doing this?! Easily divide up that big rectangle of ground beef into squares before throwing them on the grill with a Ziploc bag and a stick. We’ll leave the seasoning up to you ;) (via Ziploc)

deodorant foot blisters

7. Prevent Sandal Blisters: Yep, it’s hot throughout the summer. Yes, you want to wear open-toed shoes. Don’t want the blisters that come with those sweaty feet? Apply deodorant to your ankles and even knees before heading out the door on your day’s adventures and those red pains will no longer show up. (via Self)

frozen sponge ice pack

8. Frozen Sponge Ice Pack: No one wants to open their picnic basket or cooler at the beach and find a melted ice pack and soggy food. Prevent that tragedy with frozen sponges in a plastic bag. Then if you make a mess you’ve got a sponge to clean it up quickly. Two-for-one hack — you’re welcome. (via Kids Activities Blog)

macbook hack

9. Mac Hack: Traveling is stressful (“THERE’S NOT ENOUGH ROOM FOR EVERYTHING I WANT TO TAKE!!”). Make that process a little more streamlined and a lot more anxiety-free by wrapping up your laptop’s cords extra tight without having fear it will unravel along the journey. TL;DR: wrap one cord over the other and call it a day. (via Brit + Co)

diy firestarter

10. DIY Campfire Starter: A day of hiking is enjoyable, setting up a campsite is a stress-inducer and starting the fire is a night-ruiner. Prep a DIY firestarter with egg cartons, wax candle stubs and cotton balls and your group’s fire will be blazing in a matter of moments. (via The Art of Doing Stuff)

baking soda hair

11. Baking Soda for Hair Lightening: Everyone wants their hair to look naturally lighter throughout the summer. Who has time to hit up the salon before heading out on vacation though? Just sprinkle some baking soda in your hair and work it in while in the shower, and before you know it those dark locks will be bleached to perfection. (via Brit + Co)

Which summer hack will be your go-to this year? Do you have a bonus summer hack? Let us know in the comments.

This post is a collaboration with Sugru.

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