With summer heating up, we’re all looking for ways to cool down. Sure, you’ve got the essentials: Sweet new swimsuit, check. Breezy halter, check. Flowy summer slip dress, check. But when the true dog days hit — you know, the kind that make you want to reverse commando crawl back into your overly air-conditioned office — it’s time to break out every trick in the book. Here are 16 ah-mazing summer hacks to help you survive the next heatwave.


1. Find Some Shade: Or make some. When the glaring sun is keeping you from enjoying the outdoors, DIY a simple fabric shade by stringing cable through grommets. (via In Decora)


2. Watermelon Popsicles: These healthy layered ice pops made with watermelon, kiwi and coconut water are just the thing to cool you down. There’s a sweet surprise in every bite: The “seeds” are chocolate chips. (via Cooking Classy)


3. Messy Summer Updo: Get that hair off your neck and you’ll feel ten times cooler. The best thing about a summer updo is the messier it is, the better it looks. (Brit + Co)


4. DIY Calming Cold Towels: Make like a chic resort and DIY yourself some frosty towels. Freeze a few towels with eucalyptus oil to keep on hand, then run the cloth over your forehead, face and along the back of your neck. Breath in deeply and let the scent of eucalyptus oil refresh your senses. (via Shape)


5. Aloe Vera and Lavender Skin-Soothing DIY: Even though you wear sunscreen, sun exposure can still irritate your skin. These ice balms are made of aloe vera, lavender essential oil and glycerin, so they’ll soothe your skin while they cool you down. (via Soap Queen)


6. Homemade Ice Packs: To DIY this super-simple ice pack, it takes just two things you already have in your kitchen — a sponge and a freezer. Bonus: It’s the only ice pack that doesn’t leak. (via Live Simply)


7. DIY Fruity Ice Cubes: Where’s the fun in plain old cubes and water? These gorgeous cubes are refreshing to the eye as well as in the glass. Go savory, sweet or a little mix of both. (Brit + Co)


8. Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Inflatable Pool ($129): Have you ever looked at a kiddie pool and wished they came in big-people sizes? Good news — they do! It’s no surprise that Amazon has ’em, and they’re sized *just* right for a patio. This one comes with four built-in seats, so you can invite some friends. Can you say pool par-tay?


9. DIY Fountain Wading Pool: This genius fountain is made from three inflatable kiddie pools and a battery operated floating sprayer device. Set it up on the patio or even on the driveway. As soon as you get home from work you can wade right in and get your feet wet. (via eHow)


10. Urban Outfitters Instant Water Balloon Filler Pack ($16): Think back to those summer days, when it wasn’t summer until you’d had your first water-balloon fight. This gizmo fills hundreds of water balloons in under a minute.


11. Cool Off That Fur Baby: When it gets hot and we’re feelin’ the heat, our pets do too. Take a cue from this little guy, and give yours a pile of ice to belly flop onto. Maybe they’ll let you join in. (via Milner Feeds)


12. DIY Sprinkler Car Wash: This tricycle “car wash” is made from sprinkler fittings. The bright-colored sponges, pool noodles and elastic bands make it thrilling and chilling. (via Apartment Therapy)


13. Slip and Slide DIY: When the going gets hot, the hot get going. If you want to make this giant slide, get the neighborhood in on the fun. Grab the biggest tarp you can find, roll it down the biggest hill on the block, then just add soap and water. Gravity will do the rest. (via The Chive)


14. DIY Personal Water Blob: These ginormous water blobs are DIYed using plastic sheeting, an iron and some duct tape. Be sure to make a full set, because when the those temps start to rise, everyone deserves their own. (via Hello, Wonderful)


15. DIY Capri Sun: Back in the day, summer wasn’t summer without a Capri Sun sipper to cool you off and quench your thirst. Fast forward to today, and age it up a bit by putting some *adult* drinks in those classic pouches. Just what you need when you’re kicking back in your adult-size kiddie pool. Just don’t forget to hydrate with plenty of H2O. (Brit + Co)


16. La Croix Mocktails/Cocktails: If you’re jonesing for a low-calorie cocktail, add some slices of fresh fruit and ice to a La Croix infused water. You can add alcohol or keep it virgin — either way, it’s a refreshing fix. (Brit + Co)

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