Women have a complicated relationship with shoes. We love them or we hate them (or hate to love them), depending on the pair, and we can never have too many. Either way, we definitely can’t live without them. If anyone can attest to this fact, it’s the folks at footwear giant DSW. To kick off their new VIP loyalty program, the retailer surveyed its members to find out everything from how many pairs the average woman owns to the surprising thing many of us do in our shoes. It gets deep, y’all — check out the footwear findings ahead.

Hidden treasure? According to the results of the survey, more than a third of women report hiding a shoe purchase from their significant other. So for every three women, at least one of them is strutting in shoes her boo doesn’t know about. That gives a whole new meaning to “stepping out” on your partner. (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Shoes are the new monthly bill. How often do you pick yourself up a new purchase? If you buy new shoes at least once a month, you’re right in line with more than a third of women surveyed. Multiply that over several years and it’s no wonder we’re hiding our retail rendezvous from our spouses.

Old purchases die hard. Twenty-five percent of women admitted to having a pair of shoes in their closet that is more than 12 years old. Ladies, it might just be time to purge. Pay it forward. Recycle. Just let it go.

Woman on track tying running shoes

Too much is not enough. Around 75 percent of women say they own more than 21 pairs of shoes, and 95 percent own more than 10 pairs. How many pairs do we actually wear regularly? That’s irrelevant, thank you very much. (Photo via Getty Images)

Shoes give us a lift and a boost. Forget daily affirmations. Sixty four percent of women say that a pair of kick-ass shoes makes them feel confident. We’ll second that. If you’ve ever done a Beyonce-style strut in a pair of heels, you know what we mean.

Knockin’ boots. (No, really.) One in four women confessed to wearing shoes during sex. Hey, sometimes there’s just not enough time to take everything off. We get it. (Photo by Hanna Lassen/Getty Images)

Sweet dreams are made of heels. Or flats. Or sandals. According to DSW’s findings, one in four women admits to dreaming about shoe shopping. And when you’re doing everything in them (ahem, see above), it’s not hard to figure out why.

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