If you are looking for the perfect gift for your pregnant friend, then check out these swaddles from Buttermilk Babies. The company, based out of Texas, creates swaddles for your little bundles of joy, enveloping babies with the comfort and familiarity of buttermilk itself. Why buttermilk? The company attributes buttermilk to all of their favorite comforting foods — biscuits, pancakes and, of course, fried chicken. Buttermilk Babies wants those feel-good qualities and more to transfer to their swaddling products.


Based on feedback provided by their own team of experts, aka parents who work for the company, these swaddles are everything you could want for your baby and more. Each swaddle is made from a blend of cotton and rayon fabrics, creating a super soft cloud in which to wrap your child. Babies have very sensitive skin, so Buttermilk Babies made sure that their swaddles will never irritate.


For $75, you get a four pack of swaddle blankets. There are two collections available. The Signature Series features four different designs: Zoonicorns, Gemstones, Knuckle Sandwich and Graffiti. Tough Cookie also features the Knuckle Sandwich, along with Hoboglyphs, Flies and Little Stinker patterns. Both sets come in Clean, Cool and Warm color schemes, or you can get the Primary set, which features four swaddles in primary colors blue, yellow and red.


Buttermilk Babies strives to create a no-nonsense product, keeping in mind that parents are usually loaded down with baby products when traveling with children. Their swaddles are versatile and multipurpose, functioning as more than just a swaddle blanket. You can use them as burp cloths, stroller covers and much, much more, so let your imagination run wild. If you or someone you know is expecting a baby, consider gifting them some Buttermilk Babies… and some buttermilk biscuits while you’re at it.


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