The utility of the iPad is always up for debate. Is it a reading tool? Is it a gadget for watching movies on long cross-contintental flights? Is it a virtual photo album? An awesome touchscreen gaming tool? Or is it just pretty to look at?

Here at Brit + Co, we think the iPad is all of these things… and more. What we’re not sure about is all of the accessories that keep popping up, purporting to make the iPad more awesome. Here are 15 such items up for discussion – let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

1. iPad Easel (in production): First up, the iPad Easel. This art-inspired stand comes complete with conductive art supplies making it fun and easy for kids to play around with, and the back is a dry-erase board for more analog creations.

2. iOgrapher: A very recently successful Kickstarter project, this gadget turns your iPad mini into a photo and video shooting powerhouse. The only thing we wonder is, is it possible to actually look cool and not like a tourist when you use your iPad as a camera?

3. Road Rocker ($90): Now this is an iPad speaker you can turn up to 11, a la Spinal Tap. Fully charged, the Road Rocker provides 50 hours of uninterrupted music, perfect for outdoor dance parties, beach barbecues, and the like. This currently only works with old school iPad and iPhone devices but includes a standard audio table for everything else.

4. Tripod & Windshield Mount Kit ($25): This handy kit includes a mount kit so that you can attach your iPad to your windshield or to a standard tripod. The windshield option seems extremely dangerous – the iPad is not a small device. The tripod part of this is cool, but you still need to be a tripod to attach it to.

5. Pix & Stix ($25): Ok this one is pretty awesome. This set of musical iPad awesomeness includes two conductive drumsticks and a conductive guitar pick, letting you turn your iPad into a drum set or guitar. It’s definitely on the extremely nerdy end of the spectrum, but we dig it.

6. iPad Bed & Lap Stand ($30): This funny little bean bag cozies right up to your iPad to keep it standing up when you want to watch a movie on your bed or couch. We love that the bag part of it doubles as a storage area for headphones, power cords, and what not.

7. iCade Arcade Cabinet ($100): One of five ways to turn your iPad into a retro gaming gadget, we think Pacman would definitely approve.

8. SynthStation Keyboard Controller ($269): For the musically inclined, this keyboard comes complete with an iPad dock allowing you to use your iPad to read music, record music, and even video tape yourself rocking out on the keys.

9. iPad iBed ($13): At first glance, we were into this lap desk. On second look, we have a hard time believing that it would actually keep your iPad upright unless you have heavy things on the desk part. Perhaps that is why this is not currently available on Amazon or even the manufacturer’s website?

10. Torino Grey Side Table ($199): We’re not calling this an essential, but we do love the fact that you can keep things charging seamlessly inside the table. Maybe a hack on existing side tables is in order?

11. iPad Typewriter ($799): While it might seem counterintuitive to add a keyboard to a touchscreen tablet, we do have a weakness for retro tech. For more takes on the iPad keyboard, head here.

12. iConvert Scanner ($100): If you scan documents all the live long day, this is actually a pretty awesome device. It fits easily on any desk and makes scanning a much more seamless process than trying to wirelessly connect to a printer/scanner at the other end of your office.

13. Amplifiear ($25): We wrote about this almost a year ago when it was just a Kickstarter baby! This little iPad attachment amplifies sound on your iPad making audio louder and better quality. Love it.

14. iPad Table ($1,700): This. Is. Bonkers! $1,700 for a table designed exclusively for your iPad? While we think it’s a cool idea, it is definitely not hot enough to drop that kind of cash. Sorry iPad table!

15. iPotty ($40): And last, an oldie but a goodie. The iPotty! What more is there to say but please pass the TP?

Which of these accessories are you digging? Which do you think should get flushed down the iPotty? Talk to us in the comments below.