So, you鈥檙e just packing away the last of your extra layers after what you鈥檙e hoping is the last snow of the season, ande before you know it, it鈥檒l be time for spring showers. The people of Copenhagen know all about that, and fashion designer Emma Jorn has set out to make rainwear for ladies that鈥檚 way more fashionable than a trash bag poncho.


After studying the streets of Tokyo to discover how people hustled about in the rain, Emma was inspired to create her chic, feminine rainwear line, Takaokami (named after the Japanese rain garden). Bonus: The collection is bike friendly. There鈥檚 even a bike cover to shield your basket and hands/handlebars from the elements.


The full line features an adorable wide-brim hat, a skirt tailored to bike riding, a versatile jacket, a full-body poncho and a totally street-worthy rain dress. Our favorite piece, though, is the super quirky Treien. It鈥檚 a short poncho with openings for you and two friends to poke your heads through and walk together under clear hoods. No more sharing umbrellas. It鈥檚 time to share ponchos.


Every piece seems like the perfect kind of collapsible gear that you should have a permanent place f0r in your tote bag on overcast days. Sony even got in on Emma鈥檚 project with a collaboration under the name Skybrud. Rainproof your wardrobe and your gadgets!

To get the clothes into production and keep it all eco-friendly, Takaokami is on Kickstarter raising $22,000. Contribute for waterproof wardrobe additions and put in your two cents on other color options. We鈥檇 love to see the pieces in bright springy prints.

Do you think there鈥檚 any piece missing from the Takaokami collection? Let us know in the comments!