We’ve witnessed backlash for all kinds of reasons but, to be totally honest, we didn’t see this one coming. When Target announced that they were giving their carts a temporary makeover to celebrate the launch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch on April 28, they surely thought they had come up with a fun idea that shoppers would love. Target was WRONG! It turns out that some people are worried about the carts for the weirdest reason.

Target cart

Granted, we can all get a little worked up when playing a few rounds of Mario Kart, the epic Nintendo racing game, but we’re pretty sure we (as mature, responsible adults) can control ourselves when it comes to racing in real life. But others apparently fear that there are those out there who will not be able to contain their need for speed. That’s why they’ve deemed the carts “dangerous.” Yep, dangerous.

Fearing that spontaneous racing may break out while shoppers make their way through the aisles, some worry that unsuspecting folks could be run down and injured… by adults… racing carts… in Target.

Granted, it would be terrible if someone was to be hurt by a speeding cart racer, but we have a simple solution: Don’t race the carts, no matter how strong the urge gets. You can control yourself! We believe in you!

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(h/t The Verge; photo via Alex Wong/Getty)