We’re going to go ahead and crown Taylor Swift the “Queen of House Parties.” Not in the “let’s get wasted and jump off the roof” kind of way, but in the impeccably decorated and perfectly photographed sense. We caught a glimpse of her knack for party-planning back in December when she threw a bday bash at her NYC loft – you know, the one where Beyoncé, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake all RSVPed, NBD. Then, just last month she shared a glimpse into the star-studded shindig she attended for Camila Cabello, complete with old-school party hats and not one, but two birthday cakes. It looks as though Tay’s best party-planning skills were yet to come.

This past weekend Taylor threw a celebration for her longtime best friend (and Grammy date), Abigail Anderson’s 25th birthday. Aside from inviting a bunch of Abigail’s friends to party with her in Nashville, Taylor also surprised her with an acoustic performance by Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional. Would you expect anything less from the girl who personally sends her fans Christmas presents?

Now, while you probably don’t have the connections to call up your favorite singer for a private performance, there are other ways to throw a Swift-approved soireé. How you ask? Well, it all starts with creating a stellar photo booth. At both her December birthday and Abigail’s shindig Swift proved that this party element is key to getting folks to loosen up. If you’re looking to copy this trademark T. Swift party element, here are a few must-haves to stock up on before your next big celebration.

1. An Epic Backdrop: Get your DIY on and make this bold, floral backdrop using only tissue paper, thin wire, a shower curtain and tape. If you’re looking for an idea that’s a little less time intense, try this fringe-tastic option that also uses tissue paper but offers a totally different look. Can’t decide? Make them both! (via Brit + Co)

2. Festive Balloons: A party just isn’t a party until some balloons are involved. If you want something more exciting than solid colored balloons, try either adding pom poms or dipping the bottom in sparkles! Need even more inspo? Check out this article, which offers 30 different balloon decorating ideas. (via Design Improvised and Studio DIY)

3. Silly Photo Props: A beautiful backdrop and some balloons are a great start, but a legendary photo booth in the Instagram age needs props. Get ready to bust out your best funny face with this mustache photo prop set ($22). Want to be a classy lady with a monocle? Go for it. Feeling more like a charming nerd? Grab the glasses and bow tie.

4. Fun Headwear: Crowns, party hats and wigs are all fair game. If it’s a birthday party some classic paper party hats are a must. If you’re up for making them at home, try this fun printable tutorial. Looking for an option that’s a little more glamorous? Try this tissue paper floral crown. Or skip the DIY options and snag these charming headbands ($15). (via Confetti Sunshine)

5. Dont Forget the Masks: If it’s getting to be towards the end of the night and your makeup isn’t looking so fresh, don’t avoid the photo booth, simply pop on a mask. As far as what kind of masks to go with, that’s up to you, but you can NEVER go wrong with these hilarious emoji masks ($6).

Did we miss any of your photo booth must-haves? If so, share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @taylorswift)