As you’re soaking up the last of summer’s rays, we thought we’d fill you in on a couple little secrets to keeping your health and glowing skin in check. By now, you probably know that the sun can help you power gadgets, but did you know there are also tools that use UV rays to protect your skin and keep you hydrated?

Skin Safety

First, let’s talk skin. If you’ve ever had a bad sunburn, I don’t have to tell you how important sunscreen is. And even if you haven’t (but really, who hasn’t?), going out into the sun unprotected raises your risk of skin cancer…no one likes that. Even though most of us know to apply sunscreen before leaving the house, it’s hard to know when to re-apply the lotion once it fades. While there are a couple of swimsuits that track your UV exposure, you may not always be in a bathing suit when out in the sun or willing to spring for new swimwear.

Take the guesswork out of your hands and onto, well, your wrist. UV SunSense bands are an easy way to track your skin’s exposure to potentially damaging rays and a friendly reminder to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day. All you do is apply sunscreen to your band as well as yourself before heading out into the sun. When the band changes color, it’s time to re-apply your lotion. When it changes colors again, you should start thinking about finding shade. It’s that simple!

Drink Safe Water On the Go

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Proper hydration is necessary for your health and fitness routine. Here at Brit HQ, we take our water intake pretty seriously. We love finding new water bottles that are pretty or innovative to get our H2O fix. But if you’re hiking, camping, or travelling abroad, you can’t always count on access to safe tap water. Don’t risk getting dehydrated! My new favorite hydration find, the Camelbak All Clear UV Water Bottle, turns harmful rays into healthful ones and can help keep you safe and hydrated anywhere your travels find you.

When tackling the great outdoors, you’ll often come across water where a simple filter isn’t enough to make it drinkable. But a lot of methods for treating microbiologically unsafe water aren’t exactly portable enough to take hiking with you. This water bottle packs a powerful purifying punch in the small UV light on its cap. All you have to do is hold down the button for two seconds, and agitate the water for a full minute while the UV does its job. The bottle will purify your water so that it meets the EPA standards for potable water. Um, how rad is that!? This means you can feel confident drinking the water from a stream in the mountains or from a tap in a foreign country without getting sick.

Each charge will purify 16 gallons of water, so you don’t have to worry about constantly being near a source of power. When you do need to charge it back up, the USB power cord makes it easy to charge virtually anywhere… or at least anywhere you can charge an iPhone ;)

How do you protect yourself from UV rays? Do you have a trick for staying safe + hydrated on all your adventures? Talk to me in the comments below or over on Twitter.