While I know I've already shared a video detailing some of my favorite health gadgets, I couldn't resist filling you guys in on three new gadgets I've been using recently to keep my fitness in check: the Nike+ FuelBand, the Hydracoach intelligent water bottle, and an incredible cordless digital jump rope (yes, I know, it looks like a set of numchucks) that I found on Amazon.

While I've found the Hydracoach water bottle to be a little hit-or-miss in terms of the data accuracy, I really love the way it prompts me to drink more water throughout the day. Truth be told, I am a pretty terrible water drinker, usually only getting in 4-5 cups per day. However, once I started using this handy bottle, I became much more aware at just how much more H2O I need in my body, and have hit my goal of 8 cups per day nearly every day since. One huge feature that's missing is an iPhone app that corresponds to my drinking stats (hint: anyone from the Hydracoach team that might read this!).

The cordless digital jump rope looks silly, yes, but is actually really great if you are confined to working out in a small indoor space. It makes it so that you can jump rope without taking out a lamp or chandelier. Plus, it tracks your calories and jump rotations, and will even alarm when you've met your time goal.

Finally, the Nike+ FuelBand has to be my new favorite fitness gadget on the market. I wear it nearly every day and only have to charge it every 10 days or so (read: awesome battery life). I still use my Jawbone UP and Fitbit, but am beginning to prefer the FuelBand thanks to the Nike+ GPS integration — it makes going for a run much more interesting and fun. Now, if only it looks pretty with a cocktail dress… stay tuned for a DIY ;)

Watch the video to see how they all work, and leave a comment below or find me on Twitter if you have any specific questions about any gadget.