It’s Tech Tuesday, and it’s time for us to drop some sweet tips and tricks to help you master the tech in your life. For anyone whose life involves a computer, having a handful of shortcuts up your sleeve streamlines your life — like, a lot. One of the most used is probably “command + F,” which helps you search for every instance a term appears on a page. Here’s the best news you’ll probably hear today: your iPhone has this feature too. Prepare to become an iOS efficiency master.


First, go to the Safari app that’s pre-loaded on your iPhone and surf to whatever page you want. Then, on the tool bar along the bottom, tap on the export icon.


From there, scroll left along the bottom options until you see “Find on Page” and select that.


It’ll take you to the screen you see above with a keyboard and a place to input your search term.


Type in the term you want (in this case, “veggie”) and Safari will highlight every time the word shows up on your page for you to find easily. Voilà! Command + F for your iPhone is that easy.

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