This Teen’s DIY Outfits Are Giving Us MAJOR Halloween Inspo
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This Teen’s DIY Outfits Are Giving Us MAJOR Halloween Inspo

You’re well aware we take Halloween very seriously around here. Every year prep work begins November 1, essentially. Though we’ve already found plenty of inspo from 2015’s pop culture moments, celeb Instagrams, conferences, and even a Taylor Swift vid, we don’t only dress up on October 31, so we need all the options we can get.

That’s why when we discovered the Instagram feed of super creative 15-year-old Thai teen Madaew we knew we could not pass up all the ways in which we could DIY one of this year’s costumes into a high fashion statement look. Check out 10 of our favorite creations (aka ones we want to recreate for Halloween) from the talented teenager who dubs himself a Thai fashionista below, then find even more handmade pieces on his Facebook.

1. Plush Princess: By decorating yourself with your favorite stuffed animals you won’t only be comfy, you’ll be looking cute. You may be so cozy in a look like this you’ll feel like you’re just hanging out at home watching Netflix. And isn’t that what we all want to be doing anyway? (Photo via @daewzii2542)

2. The Up, Up and Away: All that’s really missing from this look is that iconic flying house. (Photo via @daewzii2542)

3. Basket Case: Those throw pillows and blankets can chill on the floor for a night because you’re gonna be out serving basket case realness. (Photo via @daewzii2542)

4. Craving Cabbage: And you thought Gaga’s meat dress was memorable… (Photo via @daewzii2542)

5. White After Labor Day: If you can make white linen sheets look this good, no one will say anything negative about it. Even if summer is long gone. (Photo via @daewzii2542)

6. Sashay in Straw: You don’t need to find the needle in the haystack for this look. Simply transform straw into a stunning gown by belting it. Fair warning though, don’t stand next to a fire pit. (Photo via @daewzii2542)

7. Sandals + Socks: After running them through the wash, give your look a tropical feel by styling a dozen pairs of socks into a skirt then using those flip flops as a top. No coconut bra required here. (Photo via @daewzii2542)

8. How’s It Hangin’: You know you haven’t done the laundry in a while so why not put those bare hangers to use by styling them on your body. Just please, no wire hangers. (Photo via @daewzii2542)

9. Not Your Average Floor-Length Gown: Why go the routine route of a floor-length look when you can have a seemingly neverending train instead. Remember to always go for more drama. Always. (Photo via @daewzii2542)

10. Metallic Mother: No need to walk in this outfit, people will come to you. And if not, make them ;) (Photo via @daewzii2542)

Will you be using any of Madaew’s DIY creations as inspo for your Halloween look? Let us know which one in the comments.

(h/t BuzzFeed)