Ah, we’re nearing the end of summer and that means two things. Re:Make will be here before we know it and Halloween (aka our fave time of the year, duh) is approaching faster than PSL season. While we’ve been prepping for the month where we get to dress up in a million costumes for some time now — inspo alert: D23 Expo + random pop culture moments — it’s time we help couples get into the ideation costume stage. Check out 21 current pop culture-related couples costume ideas below and try to pick only one for you and your boo/BFF.

piper stella oitnb

1. OITNB‘s Piper Chapman + Stella Carlin: Piper and Alex are soooooooo Halloween 2014. Get with the current season’s lady lovelines by stepping into a prison jumpsuit with your GF or just your BFF and work it as Litchfield’s new hot couple — tatts + short ‘do required. Dive even deeper into the women’s prison romances and show up to a party or two as one of OITNB‘s budding relationships going down at Litchfield: Poussey Washington and Brook Soso or Galina “Red” Reznikov and C.O. Sam Healy. (Photo via JoJo Whilden/Netflix)


2. Trainwreck‘s Amy + Aaron: This comedy was by far our fave movie of the summer. It starred + was written by Amy Schumer though, so how could we not love it?! Make your main squeeze dress up as Bill Hader’s sports doc while you slide into a fab dress and serve up jokes all night long. Sounds like the kinda trainwreck we’d want to be involved in. (Photo via Universal)

taylor swift calvin harris

3. Taylor Swift + Calvin Harris: How deep is your love for this couple? Enough to shake it off (and dress) like ’em for a night? We hope so but if your man isn’t into T.Swift just ditch him and dress up with your girls “Bad Blood” style instead… because that will never go out of style ;) (Photo via @taylorswift)

empire cookie lucious

4. Empire‘s Cookie + Lucious Lyon: We already know Cookie provides plenty of inspo for you to werk it as the Queen of the FOX show for a dressed up evening, but so does the man by her side. Go binge (or re-binge) the season and pick out stunner outfits — and catchphrases — for you and your guy to hurl at people throughout the night while they stop and stare at your takes on Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard’s already iconic characters. (Photo via Empire Facebook)

amy tina sisters

5. Sister‘s Jane Jones + Maura Ellis: Who cares if this Tina Fey/Amy Poehler comedy doesn’t come out until December. Fully prep for the premiere by dressing up in ridiculous outfits as the adult sisters months prior so you’ve got an outfit at the ready come December 18. (Photo via YouTube)

fuller house uncle jessy aunt becky

6. Fuller House‘s Uncle Jesse + Aunt Becky: Trust us, we’re ALL excited about Netflix’s Full House revival. What makes us even more excited is the return of Nicky and Alex’s mom and dad. You could either go the throwback route and dress like John Stamos and Lori Loughlin did back in the ’90s or look into your own crystal ball and go as modern day Jesse and Becky. Either way everyone will totally be shouting, “You got it, dude!” (Photo via @loriloughlin)

pitch perfect fat amy bumper

7. Pitch Perfect 2‘s Fat Amy + Bumper: If you and your partner are not only hilarious (and maybe slightly awkward) together but also LOVE to sing you MUST go as Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine’s characters from the aca-sequel. If for some reason you’re not into ripping your leotard open while hanging in the air a la Fat Amy, you could always dress up as Anna Kendrick and Skylar Astin’s Beca + Jesse, or just get real intense, pick up an accent and impress your pals as Das Sound Machine’s Kommissar + Pieter Krämer. (Photo via Universal)

Jurassic World chris pine bryce dallas howard

8. Jurassic World ‘s Owen + Claire: If you can figure out a way to get dinosaurs to chase you then you should without a doubt do a couple’s outfit as Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard’s characters. While you’re at it why not make Jurassic World a real thing?! ;) (Photo via Universal)

hot pursuit reese witherspoon sofia vergara

9. Hot Pursuit‘s Cooper + Daniella Riva: Not in a relationship? Don’t fret because you can totally pull off a couple’s costume with your gal pal and there’s really not another duo more entertaining than Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara’s characters from the summer comedy. Handcuff yourselves to one another for maximum effect. (Photo via Warner Bros.)

unbreakable kimmy schmidt titus

10. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s Kimmy Schmidt + Titus Andromedon: Only way to do this pair right is by wearing lots of color and singing “Peeno Noir” all night long. That’s not too hard of a task, right? (Photo via Netflix)

netflix grace and frankie

11. Grace + Frankie‘s Grace Hanson + Frankie Bergstein: Do some foreshadowing with your bestie and go as outspoken, lovable octogenarians. You’ll be comfy all night long while getting plenty of LOLs, trust. (Photo via Netflix)

unreal tv

12. UnREAL‘s Rachel Goldberg + Quinn King: If you and your best girl are the definition of girl bosses then you are basically required to show up as these two badass women. But if you’re going with your man as a couple and not your BFF there’s other options like Quinn’s paramour Chet Wilton or Rachel’s show-within-a-show bachelor Adam Cromwell or her cameraman on-again off-again dude Jeremy Caner. Plenty of choices, people! (Photo via UnREAL Facebook)

jane the virgin

13. Jane the Virgin‘s Jane Villanueva + Rafael Solano: Oh the ways I could count why you should be this adorable duo. If for some reason you’re #TeamMichael though, you can totally swap out Rafael for him or go a different route as Jane’s mother and father Xiomara Villanueva + Rogelio De La Vega. Any way you do it, make sure you’ve got a voice-over narrator with you the whole night to complete the look. (Photo via @cwjanethevirgin)

fifty shades of grey anastacia christian

14. Fifty Shades of Grey‘s Anastasia Steele + Christian Grey: Live those S+M fantasies for the night and hit up Halloween spots as this intense couple. (Photo via Universal)

nicki minaj meek mill

15. Nicki Minaj + Meek Mill: Do you really need a reason to dress up as this badass duo?! Okay, here’s five! Do it up real big and go “Anaconda” if you really want to make an impression. (Photo via @nickiminaj)

htgawm connor oliver

16. How to Get Away With Murder‘s Connor Walsh + Oliver: This ABC drama has plenty of couple inspo to go around. Whether you wanna be Wes Gibbins + Rebecca Sutter, Annalise Keating + Nate Lahey, Asher Millstone + Bonnie Winterbottom or Laurel Castillo + Frank Delfino just make sure you give ambiguous responses to every question all night. How else would you and your date perfectly play the mysterious part? (Photo via ABC)

paper towns cara

17. Paper Town‘s Quentin + Margo: The easiest way to become Cara Delevingne? Dress up like her character from the John Green adaptation. Done + done. (Photo via Twentieth Century Fox)

difficult people billy julie hulu

18. Difficult People‘s Billy Epstein + Julie Kessler: Give people a difficult time at that party all night long by getting snazzy in an outfit and sassy with your mouth + Halloween partner in crime. Just make sure if you’re making people shed a few tears it’s from laughs and not complete insults. (Photo via Hulu)

princess charlotte prince george

19. Princess Charlotte + Prince George: Adults can wear onesies, too! Or, if you’ve got two little ones, have them recreate the first photos of the royal sibs all night long. When all else fails just draw some ideas from Kate Middleton’s style and throw a suit on your man to easily look like Prince William. (Photo via Getty)

andy cohen wacha

20. Andy Cohen + Wacha: If you’re the person that wants to drag your pup along for a night out partying (hi, me!) just go as one of the most popular canine-human duos out there. This is my #1 option, trust + believe. (Photo via Robert Trachtenberg/EW)

ted 2 mark wahlberg

21. Ted‘s John + Ted: Since not everyone has a pooch, take the next best option with you: a teddy bear. Drink beer, share it with the adorable plush and have the night of your life. (Photo via Universal)

Will you be dressing up as one of these pop culture duos for Halloween this year? Let us know your picks in the comments.