In case you didn’t already know, we’re nuts about nail art! It’s such a fun way to express yourself, and the creative options are virtually limitless. As we were scouring the World Wide Web for some new ideas recently, we found so many clever and cute designs for fall and Thanksgiving. Check out a dozen of our favorites down below and snap a pic of your own nails to send us on Instagram (tag @britandco) if you want a chance to be featured in one of our future nail art posts.

1. Pumpkin Hangover: This one is great for amateurs! Just paint your nails white, then add a coat of this confetti lacquer. Clean and sophisticated, yet fun.

2. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: Seriously, this Amber Did It woman is quite the artist. We’re not sure we’d have the artistic flair to replicate Charlie Brown so well, but kudos if you can!

3. Gradient + Fall Leaves: Combining two trends in one = double the awesome. This sleek design features an orange ombre base and tops it with simple brown leaves.

4. Oxblood Nails: The color of the season, these nails go the extra fashion mile by adding both an ombre and glitter effect. We also love that this one can be on-trend year round.

5. Autumn Studs: Studs! We love ’em! (Proof.) We’re digging the asymmetry in the colors here, and adore that fall palette. The studs are classy and clean, making this design totally acceptable to wear to the office.

6. Aztec Nails: This design will take quite a bit of patience, but how cool is the end result? We love how each nail is a completely different pattern. So creative.

7. Thanksgiving Turkey Nails: You guys, how cute are these? This little turkey wants to gobble these nails right up.

8. She’s My Cherry Pie: Cherry pie, apple pie, raspberry pie… who cares what pie it is when you have nails like these? We’re getting hungry just looking at ’em.

9. Quantum Leaf: No artistic skills needed on this one. This is an actual polish that comes out looking like falling leaves. Easy and pretty, our favorite combo.

10. Acorn and Leaves: The coolest part of this design? Those leaves were stamped on! We’re dreaming up designs for our future nail stamps ASAP.

11. Fall Sunset: Another one that could work year round, but is especially fun for fall, we love this sunset design. Though ladies, let’s trim up those nails a bit, shall we?

12. Autumn Leaves Decals: Another pick for the amateurs out there — these are decals! You can snag them over on Etsy and pretend that you painted them yourself. (PIY?)

BONUS: Not fall related, but really awesome, these retro stripe nail decals are just our style for any time of the year. Could we get a set in Brit + Co. colors please? K thanks bye.

How are you guys jazzing up your nails this time of year? We want to see ’em! Send us a link at or tag us on Instagram (@britandco).