What we choose to share on social media is revealing, but how we choose to share our memories can be even more telling. Our favorite example? Emoji. As more and more emoji have been added to our arsenals, the specific ones that you choose to use say a lot about who you are. A fan of the princess emoji and an avid user of the peach emoji mean two veeeery different things. (Although it is ENTIRELY possible that the emoji you’re using all the time don’t mean what they think you mean. Check here just to be sure.)

woman with "emoji" style tear of her sad face

But one thing we’ve wondered was how our personal emoji use and that of our friends stack up to the rest of the world. One marketing group just answered our prayers and presented us with the top 10 emoji that appeared on Instagram this year. And — spoiler alert — although the top emoji don’t line up with our own frequently used emoji, they’re all pretty common and make lots of sense. So, without further ado, here are the 10 emoji everybody was using on Instagram this year:

10. Blue Heart 💙

9. Confetti 🎉

8. Peace Sign ✌️

7. OK 👌

6. Simple Smile 😊

5. Double Hearts 💕

4. Kissy Face 😘

3. Tears of Joy 😂

2. Heart Eyes 😍

1. Red Heart ❤️

Which emoji do you use most? Let us know @BritandCo!

(h/t Popsugar; photo via Getty)