Though Nick Viall hasn’t exactly been lucky in love in the past (to say the least!), now that he’s stepped into the role of the Bachelor, his fortune may have totally turned around. Not only have the glimpses we’ve gotten of the show been totally scream-worthy and revealed a wildly fast-moving season, it now looks like Nick might finally be… wait for it… ENGAGED!

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With his cheeky humor and adorable smile, Nick may be the ultimate underdog on the romance-based reality series, but he’s also quite the ladies man. That’s why folks found it more than a little curious that he was seriously shying away from the gals on a recent night out with his buddies.

While enjoying a boys-night-out at Fabio Viviani’s Siena Tavern in Chicago with a few fellas, including former Bachelor in Paradise castmate Evan Bass, “two female fans came up to the table” to chat up the fine-lookin’ friends. However, “Viall kept his distance and was on his phone the majority of the time,” a source told Page Six.

Though this isn’t a sign of anything definitive, it’s surely notable that he kept away from the ladies, which is why some think that Nick may have found his fiancé… finally.

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(h/t Page Six)